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Grab a Coffee ☕️
We all know, that job hunting can be exhausting and nerve-wracking. As I was searching for a new position in 2021, I know what I’m talking about. It was a lot of work.
I was updating my portfolio, writing applications and preparing for interviews. There were a lot of things to do and sometimes I wished for better resources specifically on the UX job search process. But most of the time I just found general information, which was not bad, but also not exactly what I was looking for.
I started to create my own system by writing down my experiences and would like to share this knowledge with you. To make this experience a little easier for you, I created a playbook with tips and tricks on remote UX job search. 
This weeks newsletter is a special one and you should read to the end (or scroll down at once 😅) to get the chance for one of the 10 playbooks that I am giving away for free. 🏃‍♀️

📒 Why a Playbook?
Because job hunting is a bit like a game. Sometimes it’s one side’s move, sometimes it’s the other side’s. And there are always a few rules to follow. 🎲
You should be aware of them as these rules also make the process easier, and with the right strategy, you’re sure to get towards your goal. 
But this mini e-book is not just a written guide to help you get your next job. It’s a playbook, which means you have to get into action. Just reading through won’t get you anywhere! 🦥
You will have to read — but most of the time you will be busy with completing the tasks that will help you during the whole job search process. 
5 steps to guide you
I created a 5-step-system, that will guide you through all the phases of the job search:
🔮 Goals and vision
👋 Promote yourself
👀 Interview prep
💫 Keeping track
✅ Checklist
At each step, you’ll get valuable information about the application process and how to properly prepare for it. 
I have many more tips and ideas to expand the playbook with later. But already with this free first version, you can improve your application process and hopefully increase your chances to get your desired remote UX job. 
As mentioned, there are only 10 free copies now, so be fast to save yours right now! It’s totally free and I would be happy if you share your feedback with me!
Thank you so much for reading so far and I hope you learned something new. Because that’s the goal I want to achieve: sharing with others to grow together. 🚀
If you would like to support my work and help other people to find their way into UX/UI industry, you can support my mission by buying me a coffee here. ☕️
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See you next week with new topics and an amazingly good cup of coffee. ☕️
Marina 👋
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As promised, here’s the link to 10 FREE COPIEs of the Get your remote UX job Playbook. Grab your copy now! 🚀
Get your remote UX job - A Playbook
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