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Blockchain weekly by Marigold - Issue #29

Blockchain weekly by Marigold
News Summary / TL;DR of Tezos ecosystem and blockchain world

  • ranked Tezos in its Top 10 enterprise blockchain platforms to consider in 2022. It is presented as “a blockchain platform allowing Web2 companies to leverage blockchain technology across all fields, including NFTs, DeFi, CBDCs, cross-border payments, and payment systems”.👀
  • On October 24th, stock trading and investing App Robinhood announced it had listed Aave and Tezos, joining Cardano’s ADA and Circle’s USDC.🤝
  • French crypto analyst Alexis Choron released the report “A map of the French blockchain ecosystem” (in French). It lists Tezos in the ‘Blockchain & Infrastructure’ section and mentions Nomadic Labs in the biggest employers of the industry.📌
  • Tezos Commons shared the third and last part of its blogpost series “Enter Tezos: The Dark Horse” which focuses on scaling.🐎
  • “State of the Art “ exposition by Tezos, during Paris+ par Art Basel, ended on October 23rd after four days of conferences and networking in Paris.🇫🇷
  • In the 155th episode of its podcast series “For your innovation”, Ark Invest (Investment advisor, 710.6K followers on Twitter) talked about the Tezos Network with its two co-founders, Kathleen and Arthur Breitman. Out of the 46 minutes long conversation, Ark Invest edited about twenty key points including about Layer 2 solutions and the future of Tezos.📹
  • On October 16th, Tezos participated in the Manchester United fan event #ILOVEUNITED for its return in Kolkata.⚽️
  • The French Institute Finland hosts the ‘NFTs and DAOs in the Art World’ event by Art From Future, powered by Tezos, on October 27th.🇫🇮
  • On October 29th, SuMin (Korea Marketing Lead for TZ APAC) will be speaking on the Tezos applications beyond #NFTs” panel at Blockchain Week in Busan.🇰🇷
  • The Tezos ecosystem will be present at Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF - 2-4 November) where it will allow visitors to mint their own personalized SFF2022 Proof of Attendance (PoA) Token as a unique NFT collectible. In the meantime, at SFF, the TZ APAC Tezos Developer Hub will be part of the Innovation Lab Crawl.🇸🇬
  • During the Art Moments Jakarta (AMJ), Tezos will showcase six transformative southeast Asian artists at the “NFTs: Inner Worlds, Immortalized” exhibition, from 4th to 6th November 2022.🇮🇩
  • The Tezos x EasyA Hackathon will take place on 26-27 November in London, as a 24-hour blockchain hackathon with guidance and mentorship from engineers at Tezos.🇬🇧
  • On October 27-28, Nomadic Labs hosts a Tezos smart-contracts training session with materials from LigoLANG, Archetype and SmartPy.🧑‍💻
  • Tezos Ukraine published a new entry in its blog: “Futures on Tezos: a Test of Zenith, a Derivatives Platform” which deals with Zenith’s interface and “a firsthand experience”. In another blogspot, Tezos Ukraine asked if central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) need blockchain.✍️
  • As previously announced, Plenty DeFi and Wrap Protocol will merge into a one-stop DeFi network (currently on ghostnet) and will result in one governance token, PLY. 🫂
  • On October 21st, the U.K. government introduced measures to regulate crypto ads and ban unauthorized crypto providers from offering services, a decision welcomed by the industry. According to, Rishi Sunak, U.K. new Prime minister, would be “pro-crypto” as he previously spearheaded plans to make the UK a global hub for crypto.🇬🇧
  • This week, Bloomberg Businessweek featured only one article, a 40,000-word piece on cryptocurrencies by financial columnist Matt Levine. It is only the second time in the publication’s 93 year history that it was printed with a single story. The author discusses the good and bad parts of crypto, the crypto financial system, and how crypto solves some old problems.📜
  • Following Aptos’ recent mainnet launch, web3 investment firm Ventures revealed its “critical analysis” of Aptos that “carries on Libra’s ideal of being the blockchain that will onboard the next million users in crypto”.🔦
  • French Web3 media The Big Whale released a lengthy interview with Sam Bankman-Fried (CEO of FTX) where he talks about economic climate, the crypto markets, FTX acquisition strategy and how to address critics he faces.🎙️
  • Tech media IEEE Spectrum published an article titled “Why Functional Programming Should Be the Future of Software Development”, stating “it’s hard to learn, but your code will produce fewer nasty surprises”.🤓
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Blockchain weekly by Marigold
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