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Blockchain weekly by Marigold
News Summary / TL;DR of Tezos ecosystem and blockchain world

  • In a blogpost for The Overflow, Arthur Breitman explained why there is a very natural fit between blockchains and functional programming.🤝
  • While listing what Ethereum’s competitors think about The Merge, noted that Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman recently opined that this upgrade was « overhyped » and “will not bring anything groundbreaking to the table”. 🧐
  • On a Twitter thread, Nick Garcia (3.4K followers, from crypto market intelligence Messari) dealt with “scaling Tezos” and focused on its “rollup-centric roadmap”.📈
  • On Twitter, Alina (Segment Lead at Everstake Pool, 6K followers) posted her new Tezos “mega report” in a long thread with updates from the ecosystem, including about LigoLANG tech lead Didier Plaindoux and Marigold’s sidechain Deku.🌟
  • In its “Month at a Glance” for August, Tezos Commons reposted its interview with Daniel Hines (tech lead at Marigold) about the newly released sidechain solutions like Deku. The report included news and events from the ecosystem as well.⛓️
  • On Twitter, Everstake published a map of the Tezos ecosystem displaying language utilities like LigoLANG and international entities such as Tezos Africa, Plenty and InterPop.🗺️
  • According to, Equisafe (a Tezos-based STO Platform) became a corporate baker on Tezos, the 22nd organisation to do so.🥖
  • Tezos Israel announced that Israeli cybersecurity expert Sayfer started providing Tezos smart contract auditing services.🧑‍💻
  • In a new blogpost, Tezos Commons explained how to move tez from a central exchange to a personal Tezos wallet.🔄
  • On Linkedin, Jérémy Nicolas Martin (Authority & Mathematical Researcher) listed Tezos and Polkadot as the top two green blockchains at the moment. In his opinion, “Polkadot have the better #scalability possibilities and Tezos have the better #virtualmachine model”.🌳
  • The Stack Report unveiled the “key takeaways” of its fxhash analysis in a Twitter thread.🧑‍💼
  • Tezos India recently launched its art and culture vertical called Tezos India Art and Culture (TIAC) to help artists to use blockchain technology and demystify NFTs.🧑‍🎨
  • Tezos India announced that Tezos is one the official Associate Sponsors of BUIDLforWeb3 Hack 2022 organised by Lumos. The finale will take place on November 1st.🤓
  • In its Substack account “Noahpinion”, Noah Smith published its interview with Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, where they talked about proof-of-work vs. proof-of-stake, the recent crash in crypto markets, cryptocurrency security, decentralized governance, and “startup societies”.💬
  • Shivsak (54.9K followers, co-founder of Magik Labs) anticipated “major ripple-effects” following The Merge and detailed on “how to prepare / profit” from it.🧵
  • Cardano developer and operator Input Output Global (IOG) announced that the blockchain’s hard fork upgrade, Vasil, will happen on September 22nd. On its account, Henrique Centieiro (VC, 2K followers) estimated that “many have overlooked” it due to the fact that it will come after Ethereum’s The Merge.⚡
  • The Algorand Foundation signed a partnership with the Kryptosphere, a network of 24 student blockchain societies in France with hundreds of members from French elite universities. It includes “learning opportunities for student developers” and a participation of the Foundation at their annual conference next spring and their seminar this October.🧑‍🎓
  • Stanford University partnered with Input Output (R&D in blockchain for financial services) to create the ‘Blockchain Research Hub’.🧑‍🔬
  • told that the Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Finance agreed to move toward approving the use of cryptocurrency payments in international trade.🪆
  • According to, Binance decided to remove USD coin, the world’s second-biggest stablecoin and and chief rival to its own BUSD", as a tradable asset on Binance.🚫
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Blockchain weekly by Marigold
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