Marek Zmyslowski

I share what I learn in Business, Tech, Startups, and Longevity.

I share what I learn in Business, Tech, Startups, and Longevity.

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Marek Zmyslowski - Issue #11

Samana Group will build a luxury eco-town in the Caribbean paradise for digital nomads, wealthy retirees, and rentiers from the USA and Canada East Coast. The group controls more than 40square km (yup, km) of land. This allows us to plan the entire infrastruc…


Marek Zmyslowski - Issue #10

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably noticed my emotional attitude towards the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, especially in the context of the refugee crisis.I’ve always tried to keep my social media focus either on business or lifestyle or bad jok…


Marek Zmyslowski - Issue #9

Invest and become my neighbor in the Dominican Republic!What probably has come with age (and hopefully - maturity) was a growing need to get myself involved in something "physical", especially after years of building different Tech companies. Sometimes I simp…


Marek Zmyslowski - Issue #8

The Rock has his own Tequila, Beckham - perfumes, and I, well, my own office desk model :)I've put a lot of heart and thought into it - I hope you like it! There's a desk made from recycled solar panels (another brick in building a more sustainable future at…


Marek Zmyslowski - Emergency Issue #7

The Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF), founded in 2010 in Poland, is an international NGO fighting for human rights, democracy, and the rule of law in the post-Soviet region and, more recently, within the EU, focusing on stopping the rise of authoritarianism and…


Jumia -Africa's Punching Bag

“Amazon is hemorrhaging cash and might not survive. It struggles with a weak balance sheet, poor working capital management, and massive negative operating cashflow — the financial characteristics that have driven innumerable retailers to disaster through his…


Which privacy rights shall we trade this time?

So why am I mentioning this movie? Because one of the effects of the current pandemic is the idea being mooted to create a so-called “Covid pass”. Such a document would be issued to those who have been confirmed as possessing COVID-19 antibodies, meaning peop…


Why this lockdown could be the best thing for Online Travel since the Internet.

“By the end of April, the impact of the coronavirus on the (USA) industry is expected to add up to a loss of 5.9 million jobs and $910 billion in travel-related economic output. That’s seven times the impact of 9/11.” According to the U.S. Travel Association …


Africa self-isolation and other rich man fairytales.

African public healthcare system is far from European Standards. The poor part of society in Africa, are actually very healthy because they grew strong organisms. Otherwise, they simply wouldn’t survive the harsh realities of leaving in slums and townships. T…


How lockdown changed what we buy online. I'm looking at trends and sectors.

Last week was extremely important in customer behavioral change since that was the period when most countries entered the economy shut down, full lockdown, and self-quarantine period. The number of countries with more than 100 daily cases has more than double…


Chinas has already won, but I wrote a book and want to give you a free copy.

 I hope you’re doing well. You are a person of influence and I believe your positive opinion about the following topic will help a good cause. So let me explain why I wrote.I’ve recently published the book “Chasing Black Unicorns. How building the Amazon of A…