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Marek Zmyslowski - Issue #10

Marek Zmyslowski - Issue #10
By Marek Zmyslowski • Issue #10 • View online
I want to build a home for 500 mothers with children and 0rphans. from Ukraine.
If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably noticed my emotional attitude towards the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, especially in the context of the refugee crisis.
I’ve always tried to keep my social media focus either on business or lifestyle or bad jokes, but this time I couldn’t, it hit too close to home. Figuratively and literally. I’m angry because of what’s happening, and frankly, I’m shit scared.
I was raised on my great-grandmother’s bedtime stories about hiding from Bolsheviks from WWI, and my grandparent’s stories of hiding from the bombs during WWII. I have the fear of war embedded in my DNA. 
I am Polish, and what’s happening to Ukraine now, could have been easily us. The only difference here is that Poland was lucky enough to enter NATO and EU faster.
And on top of everything, as an IT guy, I have been working with so many talented people from Ukraine. I’ve been to Kyiv so many times. I see photos of bombarded streets and buildings I used to be in. My friends and my coworkers are now refugees, and some of them sending me photos from the battlefield, or how they make bombs in the basement.
That’s why I can’t just come back to business as usual. I can’t just sit and watch when my neighbors, people just like me, have their lives shattered and are forced to run, leaving everything behind.
And I decided to do something about it. Just like almost everyone in Poland did. In a matter of days Polish people have accepted more than 1mln refugees, mothers, with kids, they were not placed in refugee camps, they were invited into our homes and hotels.
Maya Foundation which I’m proud to have founded has helped so far 50 families with their immediate accommodation needs, so they could rest, calm down, and plan what’s next. Now we want to move our help to the next level, and we need your support.
We want to create a space to host more than 500 mothers with kids, and orphans with their caretakers, a place for midterm stay, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, so while the adults are planning their new life, children can continue education, and they can just continue being children.
I need your help to allow these kids to still have a childhood.Any amount counts, and if you don’t have it, a share on social media and a couple of words of public support goes a long way. 
Here you can find the fundraiser details:
Thank you for reading to this and Let’s all really appreciate what we have.
Together let's create a home for 500 mothers and children from Ukraine!
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