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The Passing - Issue #5

Novel word count: 18.708 I was invited to a business event this week that had a hint of politics to i

The Passing

January 26 · Issue #5 · View online
I'm writing a novel called The Passing. Follow my progress, receive exclusive excerpts from the book and enjoy the technology and culture stories that are inspiring my writing.

Novel word count: 18.708
I was invited to a business event this week that had a hint of politics to it. To be honest, I’ve spent the last twenty-five years avoiding this kind of thing: I’ve been careful to avoid expat-ghettos, which I’ve always imagined to be Balladesque, but I’d been invited, so I thought that I should at least go to one, form my own opinion and maybe meet some new and interesting people.  Which I did.
The central theme was Brexit, of course, and I was surprised by the relentless optimism of the event’s host that it was going to work. We were given tips and general advice on how we were to consume news and views on the subject, and who we should listen too and who we should ignore.  Which felt strangely familiar. We listened. Then we drank some wine.

The Artwork
Motivational Artwork from The Coalition's Black Operative Department.
Motivational Artwork from The Coalition's Black Operative Department.
The Links
The tricks propagandists use to beat science - MIT Technology Review
Artificial intelligence predicts corruption
Artificial intelligence is going to supercharge surveillance - The Verge
Artificial Intelligence - Ethics Essential - Disruption Hub
William Gibson
“We’re pulling from William Gibson” When they’re pulling from you, you can actually *feel* it. They do it about four in the morning, your time, and it’s like accelerated orgone-depletion.
7:47 PM - 25 Jan 2018
J.K. Rowling
When rereading last week's work, the trick is to stop for a biscuit just before your blood sugar levels drop to 'every single word of this is worthless.'
7:51 PM - 22 Jan 2018
Vic Houghton
Bjork is Radiohead in a forest.
4:56 PM - 25 Jan 2018
Johannes Kleske
We talk about possible, probable and preferable futures in futures research. But unless we include more peculiar futures, we won't be of much help.
2:21 PM - 25 Jan 2018
Teddy Schleifer
This is how a speaker at an upcoming conference is described
8:49 PM - 23 Jan 2018
Extract from the novel
Every Coalition citizen knew about the boxy German with a neck as wide as a barrel who’d taught Our All Father how to speak in dialect. Günther had shown him how to play dice too, and they’d spent countless evenings rolling six dice in a green felt dish: Günther winning and Our All Father practising counting in German. “There would have been no RACHEL without Günther,” Our All Father had proclaimed many times during his Coalition life.

There was a whole section of the Great Hall of Remembrance dedicated to Günther: they’d painstakingly reconstructed the bar, with the old band and 1968 political posters. They’d rebuilt the pinball machine, and visitors could smell the faint smell of tobacco smoke that had impregnated the wooden walls so thoroughly that it could still be smelt ten years after the smoking ban of 2007.

They had genetically engineered replicants of the locals, the bar staff and, of course, Günther, who had sadly died during the bombings. An old-fashioned television screen hung behind the bar, grey with synthetic dust and alternately showing archive footage of international snooker tournaments and Eintracht Frankfurt football matches. 
The Passing Live
48Forward - 22nd February. Munich. Germany.
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