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The Passing - Issue #4

Novel word count: 15.222 19th January 2018. I've been stuck, stuck in a weird thinking hole that left

The Passing

January 19 · Issue #4 · View online
I'm writing a novel called The Passing. Follow my progress, receive exclusive excerpts from the book and enjoy the technology and culture stories that are inspiring my writing.

Novel word count: 15.222
19th January 2018. I’ve been stuck, stuck in a weird thinking hole that left me a tiny bit useless. Only a long walk yesterday got me out of the fog, back to my desk and back to the writing. Maybe the break was good because I’ve solved a couple of problems and created a couple of new things that The Passing really needed. I’m really excited about them.

Eureka moments while wandering around the Perlacher Forest in the middle of a storm are what creative walks are all about I suppose.  

The Artwork
Motivational Artwork from The Coalition's Black Operative Department.
The Links
Pentagon mulls nuclear response to cyberattacks: report | TheHill
Is Art Created by AI Really Art? - Scientific American
It's the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech | WIRED
Emmanuelle Moureaux's rainbow installation changes colour over time
Photo: Daisuke Shima
Reading robots beat humans in Stanford test - Jan. 15, 2018
Tom Goodwin
Thinking is underated.
We keep seeing celebrations of startup CEO’s who work 100 hours a week to admirably construct perfect companies, full of hard working passionate folk that hustle to make things that nobody wants or are the same as everyone else.
9:24 PM - 18 Jan 2018
Vikki Ross
“Tom Cruise will not be appearing at this performance”
12:07 PM - 17 Jan 2018
Chris Morris Bits
An inspirational talk from the East End thug (The Armando Iannucci Shows)
2:46 PM - 13 Jan 2018
Kai Fischer
Inside Britain‘s meme factory.
7:19 AM - 15 Jan 2018
Extract from the novel
He had felt the effects of Brandsulin almost immediately. His consciousness was flooded by a stream of ideas, messages, songs and blip-clips for a whole range of things and people that he was suddenly thirsty for. He found that he could hold, process and sort through hundreds of these tiny brand messages simultaneously and soon his network was engulfed by high-level glory influencers, all sensing something new, something remarkable.

This was the incoming - Network IN.
Then the Flucermol kicked in: Michael threw his head back, gasping for air, his whole being realising that this was what he had always meant to do. This was the outgoing: projecting his brand, selling his wares, a bright, new, glorious light shining within the Coalition Network, all bursting with an exquisite and irresistible story.

He was now Network OUT.
The Passing Live
Photo: Raimund Verspohl
48Forward - 22nd February. Munich. Germany.
I’ll be performing ‘The Passing’ next month at the 48forward conference here in Munich. I’ve been given a discount code that will get you 20% off of your tickets which you can grab here: The discount code is MJHB. Hope to see you there!
All Influencer Conference - 21st March. Munich. Germany.
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