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The Passing - Issue #3

Novel word count: 12.591 15th January 2018. I've just finished binging my way through DARK. It's Netf

The Passing

January 15 · Issue #3 · View online
I'm writing a novel called The Passing. Follow my progress, receive exclusive excerpts from the book and enjoy the technology and culture stories that are inspiring my writing.

Novel word count: 12.591
15th January 2018. I’ve just finished binging my way through DARK. It’s Netflix’s first German series and I absolutely loved it. It’s fragile, nuanced and, well, dark. I’ve not watched it in English yet, but the original language version is really quite remarkable. It presses all the mystery buttons, has a chilling soundtrack, goose-bump acting and colour grading to die for. It’s the tear-jerking, time travelling, Twin-Peaks meets German Angst format I’ve been waiting for. 
It’s another example of a dark, dystopian story creeping its way onto our screens and most of the links I’m sharing with you today just go to show how popular the genre has become - not only in terms TV shows but also as a marketing stunt at the CES and as a mechanic for describing what’s going on in the world today - and on Facebook’s timeline. It feels like something the world needs - the network is feeding off of it. 

Optimism is good for getting you through the day, pessimism gets you nowhere but there’s a strange kind of hope to dystopia - it arms you for the future. Maybe that’s why we need it so much right now?

The Artwork
Motivational Artwork from The Coalition's Black Operative Department.
The Links
Facebook just became the ultimate dystopia
Netflix is promoting Altered Carbon with lab-grown bodies at CES - The Verge
Review: 'Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams' on Amazon Updates Old-Fashioned Sci-Fi Ideas - The Atlantic
With “Black Mirror,” Our Dystopia Gets the Television Show It Deserves | The New Yorker
James O'Brien
People are still surprised that Ukip & Donald Trump’s support are riddled with racist bile? Really? It’s the definition of dog bites man.
Surely it would be more newsworthy to find a member of either who wasn’t a chuntering racist f*cknugget.
11:27 AM - 14 Jan 2018
Julia Galef
In case any of you were worried:
10:58 PM - 13 Jan 2018
Wolfgang Blau
Google News can‘t believe its luck.
11:26 PM - 13 Jan 2018
Edel Rodriguez
Year One. My new cover for TIME magazine, on newsstands today.
art: @edelstudio
2:17 PM - 11 Jan 2018
Agnes Obel - Familiar (Official Video) - YouTube
Extract from the novel
Harrison was quietly pleased with his designated Hot Home: it was close to where he’d finished up work and was located on the south-facing side of one of Frankfurt’s older towers, a beautiful redbrick building crowned with golden turrets. It looked like an art-deco castle and was the type of building that the Coalition tolerated but wouldn’t allow to be built anymore. The building had been a hotel and residential complex before the Filter War, before the Coalition and before RACHEL, a place for wealthy people to claim and show their ownership of things.

Harrison could remember when he had seen it for the first time: the train journey from Munich to Frankfurt, him a small boy evacuated from the chaos of what had happened in the Bavarian mountains. He’d been shipped quickly per train to the city that would eventually become his home and the capital of The Coalition. It had been the blocks of gold on the roof that had caught his eye. Chunks of gold, sitting on top of a building! Such luxury! Such ignorant and arrogant waste! Tonight, and for one night only, it would be his designated home, and it delighted him. 
The Passing - Live
Photo: Raimund Verspohl
48Forward - 22nd February. Munich. Germany.
I’ll be performing ‘The Passing’ next month at the 48forward conference here in Munich. I’ve been given a discount code that will get you 20% off of your tickets which you can grab here: The discount code is MJHB. Hope to see you there!
All Influencer Conference - 21st March. Munich. Germany.
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