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The Passing - Issue #1

Novel word count: 9.947 I'm looking out of my office window and watching the sun slowly disappear beh

The Passing

January 9 · Issue #1 · View online
I'm writing a novel called The Passing. Follow my progress, receive exclusive excerpts from the book and enjoy the technology and culture stories that are inspiring my writing.

Novel word count: 9.947
I’m looking out of my office window and watching the sun slowly disappear behind the house that costs a fortune to rent. It’s a pretty house. It’s been empty ever since the tiny old man who had once lived there passed away. It was once his home but now it’s a ghost house for the wealthy. 
I’m procrastinating. 
It’s 17:53 on the afternoon of 9th January, and the word count of my first novel is about to tip over the five-figure mark. It’s called The Passing, it’s set in the future, it’s dark, dystopian and I’m going to finish it. I’ve also written a talk of the same name. This is about the book, however. 
I’ve decided that I’d like to share the things that inspire and scare me and which will no doubt influence the writing of the book: articles, videos, tweets, ideas and even photographs, this newsletter will be a scrapbook and, in a way I suppose, a diary. Can a newsletter be a blog too? I have know idea. We’ll see.
I hope that you’ll enjoy the journey and maybe share it with your friends. 

The Artwork
Motivational Artwork from The Coalition's Black Operative Department.
Motivational Artwork from The Coalition's Black Operative Department.
The Links
How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us
We are dedicated to the study and mitigation of risks that could lead to human extinction or civilisational collapse
From pop culture to philosophy: Sophie Jung's Come Fresh Hell or Fresh High Water
Conspiracy Theories: How I Became Fake News | Richard Gutjahr | TEDxMarrakesh - YouTube
Will Self-Driving Cars Usher in a Transportation Utopia or Dystopia?
Matt Muir
The people behind Tinder have invented a LinkedIn alternative, so now you can bring the same sense of empty superficiality to your professional life!
Tom Goodwin
Influencer marketing is just turning into hot people holding things.
Extract from the novel
His brand had been slowly slipping for years, and this once successful influencer was reduced to giving the adult introduction seminar to children on the eve of their Passing. He’d been a level six but now the offensive number ‘two’ glowed miserably on his lapel, the large benchmark level badge a constant reminder of his dwindling Coalition value. There were, of course, others around him who would have jumped at the chance to have given this presentation but it was all he had left and regardless of how demeaning it would inevitably be, The Passing Preparation Seminar number 12 was the only thing that was keeping him Frankfurt, alive and in the network.

They don’t know the humiliation, he thought, immediately double checking himself, RACHEL will have logged that, damn it.

Had he not be loyal? Had he not consumed double, no, triple the recommended dosage of Brandsulin and Flucermol? Had he not tried harder than anyone to build his personal brand? Had he not urged hundreds of thousands of children to be gorgeous? Did they not all move forward to their Passing and unleash rich personal brand tapestries out into the Coalition network? Surely that was of some value? Surely that mattered? 
The Passing - Live
Photo: Raimund Verspohl
Photo: Raimund Verspohl
48Forward - 22nd February. Munich. Germany. 
I’ll be performing ‘The Passing’ next month at the 48forward conference here in Munich. I’ve been given a 20% discount code! You can get tickets here: The discount code is MJHB. Hope to see you there!
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