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Calibration, growing pains, and saying “good morning” — Q3 2019


It's me, Mara

October 20 · Issue #1 · View online

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Hello and happy Sunday!
This one looks a little different, since I’m using Revue instead of TinyLetter—let me know if you have any salient thoughts about the change!
As I talk about in my Q3 entry, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind lately. I spent this morning at the gym thinking about how I hadn’t prioritized writing about Q3 yet, and that it was important enough to me that I’d not do anything else today until it was finished. I retreated from the rain at the U Ville main Starbucks (honestly, is anyone surprised?) and gave Q3 some thought with a blonde roast in hand.
If you’re anything like me, autumn season is always colored by a bittersweet nostalgia. If you want to feel this even more emphatically, I might suggest listening to Taylor Swift, specifically the album Red.
So here you have it: another short edition of Mara’s unsolicited thoughts and reflection for another three month chunk of time.

Calibration, growing pains, and saying “good morning” | Mara Childs
As always, thank you to all of the wonderful humans in my life. Props to everyone who is going back to school, starting new adventures, and braving new territory.
With a whole lot of love and a bit of chai spice,
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