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Spatial Awareness #13 — Maps & Spatial Newsletter by Robin Hawkes

November 3 · Issue #13 · View online
Spatial Awareness
Welcome to Spatial Awareness, a regular editorial focused on the maps and the spatial community. Each issue I’ll highlight the most interesting and inspiring things that I’ve found — cool demos, new tools, tutorials, beautiful maps, interviews, behind-the-scenes and more.
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How is it November already?! Aside from being dark outside way too early, it also means that I’ve been compiling these newsletters for approaching 5 months now — which is rather crazy to think about.
I’m still trying to find a schedule for the newsletter that works best for myself, one that I can fit around work and life commitments. I think I’m getting there, though there are still some tweaks I need to make to really nail things down.
With that in mind, I’d be interested to hear which sections of the newsletter you like the most, or rather which you care about the least. One option is that I cut down on the amount of material I cover each issue and having some insight into what sections are popular (and not) will help me set out a plan.
What’s really helped with motivation to keep this going is your feedback. Each issue so many of you have said so many kind things about the newsletter. It really makes a difference to me and makes the effort worthwhile, so please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you’ve enjoyed this or have any suggestions. 😊
— Robin Hawkes (@robhawkes)
Mini Tokyo 3D Mini Tokyo 3D
Autumn foliage colours across the United States Autumn foliage colours across the United States
Open Infrastructure Map Open Infrastructure Map
Have you made an interesting map recently?
I’d like to highlight more maps from the subscriber community. Don’t be shy! Either reply to this email or contact me on Twitter.
Odds and ends
GeoTIFF v1.1 adopted as an OGC standard
Why all world maps are wrong
Software and tools
Aerialod released by creator of MagicaVoxel Aerialod released by creator of MagicaVoxel
PostGIS 3.0.0 has been released
qgis2web 3.10.0 adds exporting to Mapbox GL JS
Drawing colour hillshade by hand Drawing colour hillshade by hand
Visualising Amsterdam’s heartbeat Visualising Amsterdam’s heartbeat
How assuming the Earth is “flat” helps speed up rendering in
Release of 2m DEM covering the entire Canadian Arctic Release of 2m DEM covering the entire Canadian Arctic
Global historic tropical cyclone tracks
#30DayMapChallenge #30DayMapChallenge
Sentinel Hub custom script contest
Geoawesomeness jobs portal
Who to follow
Sarah Bell (@sarahbellmaps) Sarah Bell (@sarahbellmaps)
Who inspires you from the community?
I can only highlight the people that I’m aware of, so get in touch if you have someone you admire in the community who deserves some recognition. You can reply to this email or contact me on Twitter.
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See you in the next one. 👋
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