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Spatial Awareness #11 — Maps & Spatial Newsletter by Robin Hawkes

September 25 · Issue #11 · View online
Spatial Awareness
Welcome to Spatial Awareness, a regular editorial focused on the maps and the spatial community. Each issue I’ll highlight the most interesting and inspiring things that I’ve found — cool demos, new tools, tutorials, beautiful maps, interviews, behind-the-scenes and more.

We’re back again for another dose of spatial goodness. As always, it was hard to narrow down what to feature this issue — there’s just so much amazing spatial content around right now.
What’s been great is seeing the newsletter still growing steadily — even if I’ve not been promoting it as much as I probably should. We’re fast approaching 2,000 subscribers! I’d like to thank everyone who has been sharing it with your friends and colleagues, it’s appreciated.
And another thank you to everyone who has reached out to me with kind words, suggestions and encouragement. I may not have had time recently to reply to you all but it means a lot to hear it. I’ll continue doing this newsletter for as long as it’s still useful to you.
So with that, sit back and join me on this periodic journey through the world of maps. And remember, you can unsubscribe at any point if you’re not finding this useful.
One last thing — you can reply directly to me via this email if you have content suggestions, questions, or just want to say hi. Lots of you have done this so far. Don’t be shy! 👋
— Robin Hawkes (@robhawkes)
The beautiful hidden logic of cities The beautiful hidden logic of cities
Viking Expansion 790-1066 AD Viking Expansion 790-1066 AD
San Francisco taxi animations
Have you made an interesting map recently?
I’d like to highlight more maps from the subscriber community. Don’t be shy! Either reply to this email or contact me on Twitter.
Software and tools
Mapbox releases Tilesets API beta
OSM Teams
OpenLayers now publishing a development version
Exploring geospatial data with
Debanding the world Debanding the world
Billions of birds migrate: Where do they go? Billions of birds migrate: Where do they go?
Globe projections and insets in QGIS
OpenGeoscience — British Geological Survey
DigitalGlobe release free high-res imagery of Bahamas
FOSS4G UK live stream recordings
Longitude — Manchester, UK (October 23rd)
Full Stack Software Engineer — Esri, Zurich
Senior Full Stack Developer — NYC Planning Labs
Junior 3D Modeller — VU.CITY
Who to follow
Nadieh Bremer (@NadiehBremer)
Who inspires you from the community?
I can only highlight the people that I’m aware of, so get in touch if you have someone you admire in the community who deserves some recognition. You can reply to this email or contact me on Twitter.
Community space
Women in Geospatial+ Mentorship Programme
OGC Vector Tiles Pilot — Phase 2
Spatial Awareness on Slack
I’ve set up a Slack chat for the Spatial Awareness community to talk maps and help shape future issues of the newsletter. Please join if you’d like to be part of that community and have a direct channel of communication with me.
We’ve already got a large group of people signed up with a wide variety of expertise. You can join here — I’m looking forward to seeing you!
That's a wrap
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See you in the next one. 👋
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