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1 Idea Weekly Newsletter of Manoj Radhakrishna - Issue #5

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Why Your Kids Should Play MORE Video Games
I know i know, the first thing that comes to most parents’ minds is,
“Oh, no! That’s terrible—they should be playing less.” 
Turns out, there are some pretty good reasons to let your kid play more video games!
According to a study, more than 70% of kids play video games every day. Most parents aren’t very happy about that, and in fact, one survey found that 80% of parents think their kids should be playing less.
So this week’s newsletter is all about why you might want to drop the guilt and just let your kid chill out in front of a screen.
Ana Lorena Fabrega
Over 70% of kids play video games every day.

Everyone thinks they should play less…

…but here’s an interesting case for why they should play MORE 🎮👇🏼
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