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Knee Pain Treatment You Didn't Know Existed
Hello Hello…
This week’s newsletter is all about solving knee pain issues.
I found this really good advice from Alexander Cortes, a fitness, nutrition, and fat loss coach. This is not a workout. It’s protocol for those dealing with knee pain.
Although there are many different treatments for knee pain, this one strategy is guaranteed to work for most. And that is…
Backwards Walking (ideally with resistance) 
Credit goes to Ben Patrick for popularizing and developing this one.
The lowest level of Backwards walking is doing it without weight
Optimally, you do against resistance, weighted sleds work best.
This can be done every day, its a concentric only exercise and very easy to recover from. Do anywhere from 2-4 sets daily, each ranging from 1-2 minutes.
This is it.
I hope this helps you or someone you know dealing with knee pain issues.
Check out the link below.
Bulletproof Your Knees | Stronger in 5! Ft. Knees Over Toes Guy
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