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1 Idea Newsletter
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15 Rules worth breaking
I always felt like I had to follow rules.
Be on time, keep my room clean, have good grades, be respectful, and all that other stuff that stresses you out when you’re in school (where most of these come from).
That’s just a sample from the top of my head.
Our parents teach us to live by a set of rules when we are young. This mostly serves us well as we learn to navigate the complexities of the world around us.
But do you know why you have these rules?
Have you ever stopped to think about it?
And what if, for just one second, you decided to walk away from every single one of your rules?
What then?
In this edition of the newsletter, i bring to you an article that examines 15 rules that are worth breaking. (you can listen o read the article)
15 Life Rules Worth Breaking - by Sahil Bloom
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Manoj Radhakrishna
Manoj Radhakrishna @manojmandy

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