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Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
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On Personal Branding:
More on Personal Branding
Personal Branding is something I speak often about. It is a complex topic but we all have to make a start. I shared my views with a local chapter of Toastmasters recently. Some key lessons include:
1. We all have a backstory. Where it all started. Mine was in high school where I was denied a captain role because “you cannot speak to save your life”. The year was 1987 but It took many years to accept it and do something.
2. If you want to go somewhere worthwhile, you should know where you are.
3. Function precedes form in almost all buying decisions. The same is true for a brand. Can you do the job? Brand kicks in later.
4. In an interview when multiple candidates appear similar, the candidate with a better personal brand, succeeds.
5. You cannot build your personal brand overnight. It takes consistent effort over a long period of time. Be patient and keep the faith.
For a full list please see the LinkedIn post above or the video and podcast links I am sharing.
You can watch the video here and listen to the podcast on Spotify.
Wisdom for Startups by Grownups
In July I interviewed R Gopalakrishnan and Naru Naryanan and explored their wisdom on entrepreneurship. This was one of my best shows and the guests shared knowledge from their experience and best-selling book - Wisdom for Startups. Gopal is an ex-Director of Tata Sons and Vice Chairman of Hindustan Unilever.
You can watch the entire episode on YouTube here and the podcast here.
Next live show?
As part of a Qualitist series on behalf of the Qimpro Foundation, I will be speaking to Shailesh Ghodekar of Marico. He is the global head of Quality there and will speak to Balaji Reddie and me on his quality journey. You can catch the live show on LinkedIn by registering here or subscribe to my YouTube channel.
What am I reading?
I am re-reading Execution by Ram Charan and Larry Bossidy to work on a summary video that I have promised you all. Will be recording this week. I am also reading Jeffery Archer’s William Warwick book #1.
My viral post on India's Olympic Gold winner
More content...
All past sessions are archived at my website, audio on Buzzsprout and video on YouTube
I will try and write regularly. Till then, Manage Better.
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Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better @agstiwari

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