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Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
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Thoughts on getting better
Getting better is not a choice. It is a responsibility. We have only recently seen how top athletes push themselves at the Olympics and the Paralympics. The quest for improvement is what defines them. They know no other way to live.
Now, most of us are not going to the next Olympics but we can surely learn from those who will be going. Showing up each day, sticking to your plan, working on overall development, and relentless practice.
The same lessons are happy at work as well. I am yet to meet a co-worker who got better only by dreaming about it. You have to get up and do what is to be done. It might be good enough but you tried and the next time will be better.
As they say in running, the last person crawling in a marathon is faster than the one still on the couch!
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Want to get better at Personal Finance?
Managing personal finance is a key part of managing better. If you are not taking care of the money you earn and help it grow then you are missing out on a key responsibility
I absolutely love what Rachna Ranade does on her YouTube channel. She was recently featured on the cover story of Business Today as one of India’s top personal finance educators. If you haven’t checked her channel already, I recommend you do and join the 2.9m subscribers she has.
More content
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I will try and write regularly. Till then, Manage Better.
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Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better @agstiwari

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