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Open for India's top online problem solving course at a massive discount!

Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
Read on for a huge discount link on India’s top online problem-solving course taught by Suresh Lulla of Qimpro.
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As a big Thank You to current and new subscribers of this newsletter, Qimpro is offering a massive discount on its online problem-solving course.
This course is delivered online and has video lessons and guidance from India’s Quality Guru Suresh Lulla.
The course has a regular price of Rs 8000 but for subscribers to the newsletter for ONLY on 28 and 29 August the price is Rs 5000. A 37.5% discount.
Your exclusive link with my gratitude.
Meet Shailesh Ghodekar, certified qualitist
As part of Qimpro’s Meet Your Qualitist series, Balaji Reddie and I recently spoke with Shailesh Ghodekar, head of quality at Marico. The session was Live on LinkedIn and YouTube and was attended by over 250 quality professionals.
Watch the full episode on YouTube and if you haven’t please subscribe to my Channel.
'Indistractable' by Nir Eyal
Nir Eyal is a favourite these days. His work on staying ‘Indistractable’ is what the world needs now. He has written two awesome books - Hooked and Indistractable.
His Linkedin Profile and his website.
What is the opposite of distraction? Focus? No! It’s traction. For such and more awesome insights follow Nir’s works and you will know why I am a fan.
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All past sessions are archived at my website, audio on Buzzsprout and video on YouTube
I will try and write regularly. Till then, Manage Better.
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Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better @agstiwari

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