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Happy Teachers Day | Manage Better - Issue #4 |

Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
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Happy Teachers Day
5 September is Teachers Day in India. A day of gratitude to the men and women who shape our lives. The date was selected since it was the birthday of one of India’s most respected teachers, and our second President, Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.
One can argue that every day should be teachers day but then that way everyday should be our birthday as well. A day of celebration helps us recommit to a cause, refresh our vows, and seek blessings from our teachers.
If you are reading this, please take time to wish your teachers and remind them of the role they played in your life. There is no greater joy for a teacher to see his or her student do well in life.
Meet Shailesh Ghodekar, certified qualitist
Young quality professionals should focus on building competence and learning by application. - Shailesh Ghodekar, Global Head of Quality, Marico.
As part of Qimpro Foundation’s Meet your Qualitist series of interviews, Balaji S Reddie and Anshuman Tiwari met up with shailesh ghodekar recently. The interview was live on LinkedIn and YouTube and was attended by over 500 quality enthusiasts.
Shailesh is the global head of #Quality Assurance at one of India’s most respected companies - Marico Limited. He has been an active quality professional, for now, 25+ years and has been involved in several innovations at Marico.
Shailesh shared several lessons which I have captured in detail on this LinkedIn post. My favourite part of the interview was where Shailesh shared what a true Qualitist should be. A Qualitist should:
- be respectful and responsible
- be driven by purpose and a clear vision.
- have an agile and learner mindset
- open and listen to the voice of the stakeholders
Shailesh was also clear about the role of a mentor and thanked Suresh Lulla and #Qimpro
For the full interview please check YouTube and if you want the Audio only version then try Spotify.
My views on super fast grocery delivery
You can't speak to save your life!
Who will read what I will post on Linkedin? No one. This is how
One blogger I am following these days
Managing personal finance is a key part of managing better. If you are not taking care of the money you earn and help it grow then you are missing out on a key responsibility
For the past few weeks, I am following a Personal Finance influencer Akshat Shrivastava. His YouTube channel is full of short 10-15 min but brilliant lessons in personal finance around intelligent investing and life skills.
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All past sessions are archived at my website, audio on Buzzsprout and video on YouTube
I will try and write regularly. Till then, Manage Better.
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Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better @agstiwari

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