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Getting better is not a choice anymore | Manage Better - Issue #6 |

Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
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Being Indistractble
I am reading Nir Eyal’s best-selling book, Indistractable, these days. I have been following his work for a while and remain amazed at his discovery of this superpower. Becoming and staying Indistractable is the power we all need.
The book is full of gems and I am tempted to do a video review of it soon.
A key insight early in the book is - what is the opposite of distraction? It is not Focus if you were thinking on those lines. It is Traction. If distraction helps us get off track, traction keeps us on track and helps us progress.
The book also argues that we are oversimplifying the distraction topic if we just blame the tech in our lives. Keeping tech out is not the solution. Managing ourselves around will help. So, rules like 20 min focus times help more than abstaining from tech. The more you abstain the more you will crave for it and the rebound is disastrous as it erases all previous benefits.
Will post a longer review with a video soon. Stay tuned.
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You can't think outside the box?
This is something I have been told often. Usually during year-end appraisals :) I am sure many of you have been there as well.
Well, how about thinking inside the box?
Thinking outside the ‘box’ assumes we know what or where the box is. Do we? Can you define the boundaries of the box you are trying to step out of? Usually not.
Thinking outside the box was and remains a catchphrase to encourage people to think wider and further. However, like all management ideas, this has been overused and abused. One clear casualty of this abuse is people being branded as in and out of the box thinkers.
Truth is, that most business/work problems don’t need radical out of the box solutions. A good enough solution executed well is enough for a better outcome. If everyone is creative all the time the world will be a mad place to live in if it already wasn’t.
Here is a link to my viral LinkedIn post on this topic. Hoping you like it.
Reading recommendation: In the Box by Drew Boyd and Jacob (Yanco) Goldenberg
Effective communication tips from Aalok Gupta
My most-watched episode to date was with Aalok Gupta. Aalok is a master communicator and an even better communications coach for mid and senior executives, globally. He is based in Hong Kong and is a sought after speaker.
I recently posted a short 5 min video from Aalok where he is sharing his views on effective communication in his inimitable engaging style. He weaves stories, imagery, and quotes to make his points. I have known him for over a decade and recommend him highly.
You can check the 5 min video and the post here and the full episode here.
I am speaking at FinTech India
I am speaking at FinTech India next week and will be highlighting the need for Infomation Security in our work life. Shirish Bapat of Lloyds Registrar will give a detailed talk on the topic as well.
Registration is free and you can register here.
Webinar on Customer Centricity
Sachin Garg of the American Society for Quality will be hosting part 2 of his Customer Centricity series on 24 Sep at 1000 hrs on LinkedIn live. He will be speaking to Dawn Ringrose, a global expert on Customer Centricity.
The webinar is free to attend and you can register here.
More content
All past sessions are archived at my website, audio on Buzzsprout and video on YouTube
I will try and write regularly. Till then, Manage Better.
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Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better
Anshuman Tiwari | Manage Better @agstiwari

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