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News from author Mal Foster - Issue #1

Mal Foster
Mal Foster
Welcome to this, my first ever newsletter. Let’s see how it goes!
In 2015 I inadvertently embarked on my novel-writing journey believing that my first book, The Asylum Soul, would be a one-off. As I was about to rest on my laurels, I quite unexpectedly began receiving numerous requests such as, “When is your next book out?” and getting some very generous reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and elsewhere.
It didn’t take too long for me to realise that some people were actually reading and enjoying my work. I had also caught the ‘story-telling’ bug, so inevitably, a second, third and fourth novel was always forthcoming, again harnessing some great reviews.
Now though, I was at a crossroads wondering where my next book was coming from. In the end, following a short spell in hospital last summer, and with time to think, I didn’t need to look too far. Memories of my own upbringing and some of the things I witnessed in the 1970s presented me with a whole kaleidoscope of possibilities and my fifth novel, Fluke’s Cradle, was born.
The book, set in the present day, tells the story of middle-aged Eddie Noble, who is somewhat down on his luck. Eddie had always wondered who his father was. His mother had died shortly after childbirth, and those shielding him from life’s future challenges were not always forthcoming with any answers. Following a mysterious medical episode whilst searching for his mother’s grave, Eddie becomes increasingly convinced he is the person he was in a previous life. He then undergoes an enforced period of regression therapy to aid his rehabilitation. 
Since its publication in April, the book has been very well received and has featured on local radio in Surrey.

Fluke's Cradle is out now!
Fluke's Cradle is out now!
Poetic Beginnings
I first became interested in writing when I was at boarding school at the age of thirteen/fourteen. Around that time, I started scribbling scraps of poetry in the back of my classroom exercise books. 
After I left school at fifteen. I got a job at Sainsbury’s in Camberley town centre. Staff would often find one of my poems scrawled on one of the boxes upstairs in the warehouse. Somehow, they always seemed interested in what I had written. 
A couple of years later my first poems were published in a couple of anthologies, then, during the 1980s, I was lucky enough to win three Young Poet Awards. 
In the 1990s, the poetry really took off, with my work appearing in numerous small press publications. I also became editor of Wire Poetry Magazine which ran from 1990 to 1996. 
Since I started writing my novels, the poetry has taken a bit of a side-line and I have barely written anything new for quite some time, although as you will see, I have taken the title of my latest novel from one of my poems, ‘Fluke’s Cradle.’ 
A definitive online selection of my poetry, ‘Songs Without Music’ can be found via the link below. 
Songs Without Music
Fluke's Cradle
Some lengths have been taken
to restore my identity
I know who I am now
but I need to practice it.
I need to be myself,
not this conjured being
who stands before you
as part of something
you created.
I had this all before
in childhood,
in adolescence
and in the change of life.
And yes,
I was all fucked up in those days
those halcyon days
those bastard days
when the world turned full circle
and lost me somewhere
in the darkness.
Note: This poem, in part, inspired my novel, ‘Fluke’s Cradle’
Graphic, courtesy: Steve Wheeler
Graphic, courtesy: Steve Wheeler
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Many thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter. Until the next time, take care!
All good things!
Mal Foster
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Mal Foster
Mal Foster

News from author Mal Foster

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