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Maesteg School Spring Term Newsletter - Issue #3

Maesteg School Newsletter
Maesteg School Newsletter
Welcome to the Spring Term newsletter!
We really hope you are enjoying the new mobile friendly newsletter, which is the best way to enjoy all of our news in the palm of your hand.
With plenty going on and lots to celebrate, let’s get started with Issue #3 of our newsletter. You can also keep up to date with the latest news by following our Twitter (MaestegSchool) or our newest social media channel on Instagram (MaestegSchool)
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In This Issue:
  • Headteacher’s Welcome
  • Expressive Arts Announcement!
  • Marathons for Millie
  • A Dog’s Trail: A Snoopy Collaboration
  • Examination News: Pupils React
  • DT Project: Hedgehog Homes
  • Celebrating World Book Day
  • Young Writers: Our Published Poets!
  • Show + Tell: Photography Success
  • Sporting Round-Up
Headteacher's Welcome
Our newsletters are an indication of the wealth of talent we have in Maesteg and the attitude of our learners to their school and to their learning. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading through them. 
The end of the Spring Term 2021 sees Maesteg staff and pupils once again busily preparing for the ensuing exam season! Our older pupils are busily preparing revision notes, mind maps and timetables and planning activities for A levels and GCSES! As a parent who is going through the same experience, I wish all parents the very best of luck over the next few months in supporting their children through this very arduous, exhausting and trying experience.  
We have also been busy ensuring that our pupils can once again enjoy life outside of formal learning and our newsletter contains the wonderful examples of extra-curricular opportunities that thrive at Maesteg School thanks to our committed staff.   You will also be glad to hear that we are going to be working on the production of our school show, Mary Poppins and look forward to inviting you all to our first performance!
We continue to develop our new Curriculum for Wales alongside our primary schools and continue to be impressed with the attitude to learning that our pupils are displaying when they are developing new skills building their hedgehog homes for example. 
Our pupils and our staff make me proud every day but I have never been more moved than by their response and reaction to the passing of one our year 9 pupils, Millie Carter. Millie was indeed a very special young lady and teachers and pupils have worked hard to raise money for the Welsh Air Ambulance in her memory.  We will continue to celebrate Millie’s life and always remember what she stood for - Keep doing what you are doing and live your best lives.  
Have a restful Easter break, HJ
Expressive Arts Announcement
Finally, the time has come for us to bring back the previously successful whole school production at Maesteg school. The Expressive Arts department is proud to announce that the next show, set to open in October 2022, will be Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins Jr’.
Based on one of the most popular Disney movies of all time and the Broadway musical that played for over 2,500 performances and received multiple Olivier and Tony Awards nominations, Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins is capturing hearts in a whole new way: as a practically perfect Broadway Junior musical!
The jack-of-all trades, Bert, introduces us to England in 1910 and the troubled Banks family. Young Jane and Michael have sent many a nanny packing before Mary Poppins arrives on their doorstep. Using a combination of magic and common sense, she must teach the family members how to value each other again. Mary Poppins takes the children on many magical and memorable adventures, but Jane and Michael aren’t the only ones upon whom she has a profound effect. Even grown-ups can learn a lesson or two from the nanny who advises that “Anything can happen if you let it.”
Auditions will take place on Wednesday 28th April and Wednesday 4th May. All the information can be found outside the drama studio. Hope to see you there! 
Marathons for Millie
Last month, the Maesteg School community tragically lost a very special pupil, Millie Carter.
Millie was a happy, caring and extremely resilient young person. She will be greatly missed by everyone.
In Millie’s memory, Mrs Sparkes and Mrs Fleming have been fundraising for the Wales Air Ambulance by taking part in a range of endurance events. Between them they will complete the Cardiff Half Marathon and an Ultra Marathon this month. 
Mrs Fleming: Ultra Marathon, London
“On Saturday I ran the Ultra Marathon 50KM in London, in memory of Millie. A beautiful pupil that our school community sadly lost.
This run had more purpose than any other I’ve completed before. Mrs. Sparkes and I are ever so grateful for all the generous contributions donated to Wales Air Ambulance. 
‘Running can’t solve all our problems. Running can’t give a hug. Running can’t hold hands that need to be held. Runners can though. And that gives us hope’
Millie you will be greatly missed.”
Much Love, Mrs. Fleming.
Mrs Sparkes: Half Marathon, Cardiff
“Crossing a finish line always conjures a mixture of emotions. Relief. Exhaustion. Elation. 
This one was different. 
This one was about so much more than running. 
This was for Wales Ambulance.
This was for Mille. 
I’m sure she sent the sunshine on that Sunday morning and I know we will forever remember her and feel grateful for knowing her.”
If you feel that you can, the link to donate is below:
If you feel that you can, the link to donate is below:
Kate Sparkes Danielle Fleming Maesteg School is fundraising for Wales Air Ambulance Charitable Trust
A Dog's Trail: Maesteg's Snoopy on Tour!
A group of Year 7 students took part in creating a large scale Snoopy as part of the Dogs Trust project; A Dogs Trail.
Their design was all about mindfulness, the outdoors, places they enjoyed going and about having a sense of gratitude.
He’s named after Sid our School Intervention Dog! 
We have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this adventure and cannot wait to see ‘SID’ on location in Porthcawl - watch the video below for information on how to find him!
Miss Roach, Mrs. Fleming and the Year 7 team.
Click 'play' to watch the creative journey of our very own Snoopy!
Click 'play' to watch the creative journey of our very own Snoopy!
Examination News: Pupils React
With examination season already underway, we revisit our pupils making the news when BBC came to Maesteg School to ask how they felt about the government’s stance on examinations for 2022:
Maesteg School: Pupils Reaction to Government Changes - Ysgol Maesteg
Maesteg School: Pupils Reaction to Government Changes
Maesteg School: Pupils Reaction to Government Changes
A DT Project: Homes for Hedgehogs
Maesteg School D&T
Massive thank you to @CUHedgehogs for delivering an excellent session about Hedgehogs. The students were very excited to help 🦔
Pupil’s are taking inspiration from Cardiff University’s ‘Hog friendly’ team as we begin to transform Maesteg School grounds into a safe haven for hedgehogs and all wildlife.
Our students will be setting cameras up soon, to see if any of our small prickly friends have been taking a walk on site. Did you know the the hedgehog population is down by 75% in some rural areas and our Year 7 Hedgehog Champions are hoping to change that.
Keep an eye out for hedgehogs, especially as we get to the warmer days of spring. We will be keeping you up to date on a special collection of homes that we are making for the local hedgehogs awaking from hibernation.
Maesteg School D&T
Excitement is growing amongst Y7 as they practice their modelling skills for our super special project! 🤫🦔
World Book Day 2022
Maesteg School celebrated World Book Day 2022, 25th Anniversary on March 3rd with a fun filled day of activities. 
Our Mighty Maesteg Book Swap was a roaring success with many staff members bringing in pre-loved books and taking home a new book to enjoy - the mighty book swap continues to run in the Coffee Shop. 
Miss Harwood said “ I couldn’t quite believe when I opened my new book to discover it was a book I had been wanting to read for a while. I can’t wait to get reading it. When I have finished reading it, I will be passing onto the next person at The Mighty Maesteg Book Swap!”
We also enjoyed seeing each faculty dress up as some of their favourite literary character. Amongst some of those were Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz and Where’s Wally? A variety of World Book Day activities took place in pupils lessons throughout the day with the message for all children ‘you are a reader’! Lessons were filled with lots of exciting, celebratory ways to promote reading for pleasure on World Book Day, and all year round. 
Our pupils benefited from a £1 book voucher to put towards a book purchase of their choice. Plans are already being put in place for next year’s celebrations! Please enjoy some highlights from the day in the video below:
World Book Day 2022 // Maesteg School
World Book Day 2022 // Maesteg School
Young Writers: Our Published Poets!
Mrs John
Congratulations Year 7 students in SJNurture/English! EVERYone of them has had their poem selected for publication! Over 20,000 entries and they ALL made the cut! #ProudTeacher❤️ #SJNurture🌱 @MaestegSchool 💛🖤 #motivatedtostrive 💪🏻
You may remember last year that we shared the very exciting news (see the tweet above) that every Maesteg School pupil who had entered the Young Writers poetry competition, had a poem that was selected for publication. Pupils from year 7 and 8 had their poems printed in copies of This is Me! and Empowered: Hear My Words. We found a selection of brave pupils who were happy to recite their incredible efforts on camera, so please enjoy in the video below. Congratulations to our published poets!
Young Writers: Our Published Poets // Masteg School
Young Writers: Our Published Poets // Masteg School
Show + Tell: Photography Success
Pupils from year 9 - 13 entered the #MyPhotoMyFeeling competition. This is a national competition and this year we were lucky enough to have 7 pupils shortlisted and 4 pupils have their work displayed in the final exhibition which can be found via this link:
Exhibition 2022 - The Photography Movement
What is Show and Tell?
Show and Tell is a creative wellbeing journey through the power of photography. Our free online workshops teach the benefits of mindful photography whilst our exhibition finale asks every 10 -18 year old to express how they are feeling with #MyPhotoMyFeeling. A unique moment to hear their voices and show the world how it really feels to be young in these challenging times.
The following pupils work was shortlisted
- Beauty in the Unexpected by Holly Williams
- Light in the Shadows by Lola Videan
- Vibrance of Nature and Magnified by Cerys Bailey
-  Beauty in Shadow form - By Kate Davies
-  Behind the Mask by Lola Videan
-  Lost in Beauty by Tia John
-  Unity by Bethan Thomas
From the shortlist, four Maesteg School Pupils have their work displayed in the final Exhibition. This is an incredible achievement as there were over 12,000 entries nationwide.
“I am incredibly proud of all the pupils who took the time to enter this competition and has really brought together positive mental health and their creativity through photography. This is our second year taking part in this excellent and worth while programme and we have managed to have Maesteg pupils represented in both exhibitions. This just goes to show how talented our pupils are.” - Mrs Ward
Beauty in Shadow Form - Kate Davies
Beauty in Shadow Form - Kate Davies
Darkness hides what we cannot see and although this image embodies facial expressions, we cannot see that which is surrounding it. - KD
Behind the Mask - Lola Videan
Behind the Mask - Lola Videan
This image represents us taking off the mask and allowing people to see our faces. The emotion in the image can be seen either positively or negatively. Is taking off our masks the right thing to do? - LV
Lost in Beauty - Tia John
Lost in Beauty - Tia John
Unity- Bethan Thomas
Unity- Bethan Thomas
Even in the darkest of times, our communities are able to come together and help those most in need. The different tones within the umbrella reflect how everyone in this world is connected to one another. - BT
Sporting Round-up: Spring 2022
Maesteg PE HWB
Well done @MaestegSix Senior Football winning 2-1 against @AddGorffLlan in a tightly contested game. Well done boys. ⚽️
Mrs Scudamore
Celebrations continues doing it for the girls Megan Beynon!
Squash Welsh U15 Open runner up! #motivatedtostrive @MissHopkinsWea1 @MaestegPE
Mrs Scudamore
With the cross country season imminent Congratulations to Zach Thomas 1st in Neath Harriers and 2nd in the South Wales X Country championships 🙌🏻 looking forward to seeing you run for the school Zach 🙌🏻 @MaestegPE @MaestegSchool #motivatedtostrive
Mrs Scudamore
Congratulations to Tomos Lloyd who last week signed for Swansea Academy 🦢! Being Tomos HWB from year 7 it’s is amazing to watch you flourish 🙌🏻 parents/carers please continue to share these good news stories! Our pupils are so talented🙌🏻 @MaestegSchool @MaestegPE
Maesteg CS Rugby
The @MaestegSchool boys Kalem and Alfie on their last game for @Bdsru15s 🏉

Been a pleasure to coach these boys and see them develop over the short district season🙌🏽

The have done @MaestegCSRugby & @MAESTEGCELTIC proud..well done boys 👏🏽🏉
The Oasis // Ms Sayce // Mrs Rees // Miss Walters
Six Nations Disabilities activities (Llandarcy Academy of sport)
What an amazing day!! The pupils mixed with all schools across wales and throughly enjoyed the day! 🏉#ospreys #motivatedtostrive @MaestegSchool
Thank you @RdaDavies for giving the pupils a wonderful experience!👏
Maesteg CS Rugby
What an AMAZING day ‼️🏉

First off a girls rugby festival with @SOHKCharity in Cardiff 👏🏽

Then Year 8’s final preparation for the Urdd 7’s next week 👍🏽

Well done to all involved and thank you to @AddGorffLlan for another fixture 🏉👏🏽@MaestegSchool
Mrs Heath
Staff v Sixth-form Netball! All for a great cause! 💪🏻💛🖤 #RedNoseDay
Mrs. Ward - Progress Leader
Massive well done to Morgan Little and Ieuan Kingdon who represented the Ospreys last night against the Scarlets! Keep up the hard work boys! #futurestars @MaestegSchool @MaestegPE
Maesteg CS Rugby
A huge congratulations to two Y11 pupils Emily and Rebecca who have completed their WRU Rugby Leaders Award🏉

A great day run by @Breezey_boy at Llandarcy 👏🏽

A great start to #rookierugby week 👍🏽well done both 👏🏽🏉
Maesteg CS Rugby
Well done to the 6 @MaestegSchool students who successfully completed their Level 1 refereeing course 👏🏽🏉

Thanks to the @Urdd & @WRU_Community for hosting a great course 👍🏽
That's a Wrap!
We hope you enjoyed our Spring Term newsletter. and all the latest news from Maesteg School. Wishing all our readers a restful Easter break - we will see you in the Summer Term. Take care and see you very soon!
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