The Blogsmith Content Roundup

By Maddy Osman

Weekly Content Marketing Roundup | The Blogsmith

Weekly Content Marketing Roundup | The Blogsmith

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❤️ How to Use Your Company to Make a Difference ❤️ | The Blogsmith #136

Hey Listies,Why does The Blogsmith exist?This is a question that I've been thinking about a lot lately.If you're going to spend a large portion of your conscious hours on something, it should serve your life purpose.I've been thinking about how my business ca…


I committed to writing 50k words in November — here's what I learned ✍🏻 | The Blogsmith #135

Hey Listies,In November 2020, I joined hundreds of thousands of writers around the world with the goal of writing 50,000 words in 30 days. The reason? To "win" NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month.It was a lofty goal on top of a regular workload but great…


Why it's worth making time for a weekly artist date 🎨 | The Blogsmith #134

Hey Listies,If the pandemic is making you feel creatively fatigued, you're not alone.It's easy to fall into bad habits that perpetuate a state of negativity.But... what if I told you that you can recharge for your day job by setting time aside to explore idea…


Why I don't accept meeting bookings until prospects agree to pricing | The Blogsmith #133

Hey Listies,I've always been a one-person sales team.I don't have time to be on calls for an entire day and I'm not ready to delegate business development tasks to someone else.In the meantime, I need time to:Work on other mission-critical tasksShare feedback…


Semrush is going public — should you invest as a customer or shareholder? | The Blogsmith #132

Hey Listies,Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool frequently considered as a top choice alongside Ahrefs and Moz. Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz operate based on a solid data backend, each offering similar features for teams that handle multiple aspects of SEO. But Sem…


🚚 Creating a Content Distribution Plan with Quuu Promote 🚚 | The Blogsmith #131

Please note: this newsletter contains affiliate links for products I've used to build The Blogsmith.


💡 How to Take a Bill Gates Think Week to Recover from Life 📚 | The Blogsmith #130

Please note: this newsletter contains affiliate links I use to improve my business.


📝 Content Marketing Lesssons from Reading Google's Quality Rater Guidelines 📝 | The Blogsmith #129

Please note: this newsletter contains affiliate links for products I use and love to improve my business.


🥒 Design Pickle: Unlimited Access to a Professional Graphic Designer [Review] 🥒 | The Blogsmith #128

Hey Listies,Great content uses words effectively. For it to be truly great, it must also feature engaging visuals.I can appreciate good design but it's beyond my skill level to create it. So over the past year (and a few months), I've been using Design Pickle…


🎤 How to Create Original Content with Client Interviews 🎤 | The Blogsmith #127

Hey Listies,I realized very early on in my freelance writing career that I don't know everything.Not even close.And I just don't have the time or energy to retain knowledge that doesn't relate to my core business focus.The good news?You don't have to know eve…


🚀 Why I'm Rebranding The Blogsmith as an Agency 🚀 | The Blogsmith #126

Hey Listies,This is your friendly reminder to update your company blog if you haven't done it in a few months. Or in the past year, as was the case with The Blogsmith's blog.Isn't it amazing how marketers can be so good at helping other people keep their mark…


☣️ Reading "The Stand" During a Pandemic + The Blogsmith Agency Rebrand 💥 | The Blogsmith #125

Here are a few business updates I've been busy working on and have been dying to share:The Blogsmith has a fancy new website! Zealth designed it on WordPress with Elementor in tandem with art direction by yours truly. This new design was a necessary step for …


📚 Why I'm Shutting Out the World on a Reading Vacation 📚 | The Blogsmith #124

What is a reading vacation?- Basically, everyone after I tell them we're taking one.I definitely did not make this up — I took inspiration from Bill Gates, who takes two weeks out of every year away from technology and society in a cabin in the woods.And he j…


😮 Why The Blogsmith Team Doesn’t Use a Project Management Tool (Anymore) 😮 | The Blogsmith #123

What is Process Management?Process Street is a process management tool.But what is process management exactly?According to my dear friend Wikipedia:Business process management (BPM) is the use of a repeatable process to improve the outcome of the project.They…


👰🏻 5 Things I Learned from Pandemic Wedding Planning 👰🏻 | The Blogsmith #122

1. Avoid hosting the big event at your house... if you can.This was a huge mistake on our part, although I can't say that we had a lot of other options after asking our ~20 guests to come to us.The ceremony itself took place at Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden…


🧠 5 Lessons Learned from Organizing a Virtual Event for 2000+ Attendees 🧠 | The Blogsmith #121

Since all of the organizers are local to Colorado, we felt that it was important to preserve a sense of what it would be like to be here. This was a large guiding force behind a lot of our decisions.


⛰️ WordCamp Denver [This Weekend] & Sharing My Processes ✅ | The Blogsmith #120

WordCamp Denver 2020 (Virtual): Friday - Saturday, June 26 & 27I’ve been helping to co-organize WordCamp Denver since I moved to Colorado.We started planning for this event in early 2020 and had to shift things entirely after COVID-19 hit the US. Since th…


✊ #BLM & What We Can Learn from Brands Taking a Stand ✊ | The Blogsmith #119

Right now, we're seeing a lot of brands feeling the pressure to make a statement — any statement — to create a positive association between what they stand for and being on the right side of history.But a lot of these efforts fall flat when it comes to the hy…


😔 How to Apologize Like You Mean it [With Examples] 🙂 | The Blogsmith #118

So let's take a brief break from productivity this week to talk about something else — the art of the apology.This week, I've been reading Why Won't You Apologize? by Harriet Learner, PH.D. and it's really stuck with me. I want to share a few lessons I've lea…


🚀 The Best COVID-19 Business Pivots 🚀 | The Blogsmith #117

#1: Banding together with other small businesses — there's strength in numbers.The concept of competition is one that we can probably put on hold until 2021.Instead, explore ways that you can work together with other businesses in your industry. Lift yourself…