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Why I don't accept meeting bookings until prospects agree to pricing | The Blogsmith #133

Maddy Osman
Maddy Osman
Hey Listies,
I’ve always been a one-person sales team.
I don’t have time to be on calls for an entire day and I’m not ready to delegate business development tasks to someone else.
In the meantime, I need time to:
  • Work on other mission-critical tasks
  • Share feedback and instruction with my team
I’m confident that whether you work as a freelancer or on a small team, you don’t have time to be on sales calls all day, either. At least, not calls that don’t have a good chance of resulting in new projects.
So how do you weed out prospects that just aren’t in your budget ballpark?
Break up with them before the relationship ever really starts.
The latest article for The Blogsmith blog is about my tried-and-true process for advancing business deals with qualified prospects.
You’ll learn about:
  • My sales background and why I encourage new freelancers to get a sales job before starting their own business
  • The Blogsmith’s sales process for scheduling sales calls that involve both an introduction and closed-won deal
  • How I use my meeting booking tool to make sure prospects read about and agree to my pricing
Stop wasting time on draining, time-consuming sales calls that you know won’t go anywhere, anytime soon. Instead, invest your time in conversations that start with an understanding of your minimum requirements to engage in a new project.
You’ll unlock a lot more time and energy for everything else.
Until next time,
Maddy Osman

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Maddy Osman
Maddy Osman @MaddyOsman

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