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✍️ Why Bother with Content Marketing? 📈 | The Blogsmith #87

Hey Listies, I'm writing this week's newsletter slightly ahead of time (for the first time in a few w
✍️ Why Bother with Content Marketing? 📈 | The Blogsmith #87
By Maddy Osman • Issue #87 • View online
Hey Listies,
I’m writing this week’s newsletter slightly ahead of time (for the first time in a few weeks), ahead of presenting for the Fort Collins WordPress Meetup group.
The topic? One I’ve given before: A Complete Blog Post Publishing & Promotion Checklist.
After having previously presented this topic for another WordPress-focused group (WPSessions), I figured it would probably be a good fit for this group, too.
When I sent my slides over for review, David Hayes of WP Shout, one of the Meetup’s organizers, gave me the slightest bit of pushback. He challenged me to take a step back, telling me that maybe a handful of people in the room would even know what content marketing is, conceptually.
To be sure, they’ll probably know what a blog is and that WordPress can help them start one. But to get something out of my presentation, the rest of the people in attendance would need me to connect the dots between blogging, WordPress, and content marketing.
With this in mind, let’s collectively take a step back to consider why we bother with content marketing.
My definition of content marketing is similar to Hubspot’s definition of inbound marketing. The idea is that you’re creating something of value to earn trust. The key to success lies in creating something that’s genuinely useful.
The type of content I create for The Blogsmith aims to demonstrate expertise and authority — acting as a proof of concept that I can handle related tasks should a reader decide that they want to work with me.
But most of my content also shows people how to do many of the things I do for clients, step-by-step.
My mom would say that I give away all of my secrets on my blog, and I definitely share quite a few, but I see it as a way to convince people that they’d save a lot of time and headaches by outsourcing this type of work to someone who has a solid process in place. If they take my advice and use my how to’s to DIY a fix, they’re probably not my ideal client in the first place (but I’ll welcome them with open arms into my audience anyway!).
Content marketing is about so much more than publishing a new article and calling it a day.
It’s about creating strategy around the types of topics you plan to cover and being consistent with publishing cadence (once a month is better than once every six months, than another article a month later, and so on). On that note, it’s about spending as much time (ideally more) on your content distribution plan — making sure that you’ve done everything you can to put your content in front of the right audience.
This is my definition of content marketing but I’m wondering, what’s yours? What would you add?
And since you might’ve missed my WPSessions or Fort Collins WordPress Meetup event, if you want to know more about my content distribution plan, check out my Skillshare class on the topic (you get two months for free with that link).
Maddy Osman, The Blogsmith
P.S. I made progress on another one of my 2019 goals this week, though unintentionally.
I recently completed the last of four sponsored blog posts for National Business Furniture (check out the latest one below) and they liked me enough to ask to renew my contract!
Let me know if there are any specific workplace productivity topics you’d like me to cover in the future.

🔎 Weekly UX Audit 🔍
This week, we’re going through a food blog: Rise & Yum.
I had attempted to do this audit last week but the wifi in Cabo was spotty/telling me to go outside and enjoy a strawberry daiquiri instead. :)
The Blogsmith UX Audit: Rise & Yum Food Blog
The Blogsmith UX Audit: Rise & Yum Food Blog
Here’s an action shot of me at the FOCO WP Meetup:
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