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👍 Prioritizing Healthy Routines + How to Create Good Karma for Your Business 🙏 | The Blogsmith #116

👍 Prioritizing Healthy Routines + How to Create Good Karma for Your Business 🙏 | The Blogsmith #116
By Maddy Osman • Issue #116 • View online
Hey Listies,
How are you doing?
My answer changes on a daily basis but something that has really helped me involves the creation of healthy routines (plus follow through).
A couple things I’m trying:
  • Using Duolingo to practice Spanish for 15 minutes every day (the @shitduosays Twitter account makes me laugh out loud).
  • Regularly substituting mindless TV watching with reading books (helpfully reinforced by a virtual book club I joined with my mom — we’re currently reading The Overstory).
  • Working out and walking our dog every day (keeping my FitDesk bike in my office is a great reminder to stay on top of fitness).
  • Boosting my immunity with a daily cup of tea with local honey (I prefer Björns Propolis, even though it’s certainly not cheap) and a packet of Emergen-C.
  • Completing one MasterClass or online course every week to expand my mind.
  • Organizing one thing at a time (like cabinets/drawers in the kitchen, clothes, my Google Drive, etc.). Finding joy out of the process means not overloading myself with too much at one time.
  • Cutting out vices that are affecting my mood and motivation (this is the hardest one during this time because it’d be so much easier to rely on the distraction of an unhealthy coping mechanism).
What’s been helpful in reinforcing these habits is a habit tracker app I’ve been using for many months now, Strides.
I recently upgraded to the paid version so that I could use it to set unlimited habit trackers. But give the free version a try if you could use some help setting healthy habits — it’ll do the trick until you go really crazy with setting goals!
Besides focusing on being a better version of myself, every day, it’s also been uplifting to find opportunities to be a better member of my community, every day.
If you have the means, I think a great way to do that is to support small/local businesses.
Here are some ideas for businesses to support based on some of my own recent purchases:
  • A business in your family. For me, this was Sweet Life Cake Supply. My cousin’s wife started the company and they’re selling complete DIY cake kits. I bought one and recently put it to use for a friend’s birthday!
  • A fellow community member. I’m in the Denver Bloggers Club with fellow blogger Nicole Hampton and recently purchased her book, Sugar High, to hopefully improve my high-altitude baking skills.
  • A fellow entrepreneur. For me, this involved purchasing my old client, mentor, and friend, Kimberly Crossland’s The Focus-Driven Biz workbook. I also took my friend Sabrina Wottreng up on an offer to purchase access to her #DIYPR webinar. As a bonus, I’m learning new things to help my business and clients (plus, tax write-offs, heck yeah)!
  • A fellow freelancer in your niche. We’ve got to support each other however we can right now. I bought Jen Miller’s ebook, Notes from a Hired Pen, partially to support her and partially to learn how another freelance writer runs her business.
  • A local restaurant. Food halls are my favorite so I bought a gift card to Stanley’s Marketplace for a friend to enjoy with the dual benefit of supporting a local business. Stocking up on gifts right now is a great way to support another business while checking the boxes for gifts you were planning to purchase at some point, anyway. It’s all about helping businesses increase their cash flow right now.
  • A local shop. Speaking of gifts, Dan and I bought some Vosges Haut-Chocolat goodies for our moms for Mother’s Day (they’re a chocolatier based in Chicago). And I recently bought a “gift” for myself from Penzeys Spices which may not be so small but they certainly represent a smaller operation than the mass-produced generic spices you could get at the grocery store.
It feels good to prop other people and their businesses up and I truly believe that good karma will come back around to you when you do.
So go out of your way to support others and make it easy for others to support you!
If your business needs some extra support, I challenge you to think about if you have (or could create) something that you could offer for $100.
Or even $50. Or $25.
All of my aforementioned purchases were somewhere in the range of $5-$100, so that seems like a decent sweet spot for creating an offer that’s reasonable and compelling to the point where supporting you is a no-brainer.
I’m not saying to sell yourself short — I’m challenging you to come up with something that scales nicely as you increase volume.
If you need help figuring out such an offer, sign up for one of my free, no-pitch 20 minute COVID-19 strategy sessions.
Please let me know how else I can help you,
Maddy Osman, The Blogsmith

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