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📰 How to DIY PR with Newsletter Marketing 📰| The Blogsmith #96

Hey Listies, Now that I'm officially a homeowner, I know what thorough exhaustion feels like, between
📰 How to DIY PR with Newsletter Marketing 📰| The Blogsmith #96
By Maddy Osman • Issue #96 • View online
Hey Listies,
Now that I’m officially a homeowner, I know what thorough exhaustion feels like, between putting in a day of work at my apartment, then heading over to the house to do some physical labor to get our house ready to move in.
After scraping off the popcorn ceiling this weekend (that is, my fiance handled it), we’re working to get ready for painting a few days from now. Soon after, we can finally start moving in our furniture and, ya know, actually start living there.
I can’t wait!
Back to business and marketing news….
I wanted to share some lessons learned from my self-promotional efforts with The Blogsmith Freelance Success Grant.
I knew that trying to create attention around this initiative would be different than anything else I’ve tried to promote previously. After all, this initiative has an element of philanthropy — but it’s still self-promotional in terms of the fact that it’s tied back to my business.
To open up my mind about how to approach promotion, I spent an afternoon reading the book Free PR. It was definitely worth the read, with tons of process-oriented guidance.
One thing I didn’t do but should have was creating a press release and submitting it to PRWeb… but I’ll do that with the next round.
Two major vehicles for getting the word out about my grant have been relevant Facebook groups composed of freelancers, as well as relevant email newsletters that reach freelancers.
I also reached out to some people in my network who have relevant audiences to help me spread the word.
Perhaps the most successful driver of grant submissions were my efforts with newsletter marketing.
Bizarro Devs and Master WP are two of my favorite weekly WordPress-related newsletters and both graciously accepted my pitch for including a link to my grant.
Dense Discovery is another favorite, more designer focused, but with a definite freelancer audience. For inclusion in this newsletter, I paid $49 to reach a mailing list of 20,000+ and it was totally worth it!
Note that many popular newsletters offer sponsorship offers at a reasonable price if your initial pitch for a free mention doesn’t pan out.
The main takeaway I want to leave you with:
Whether you’ve just written a kick-a$$ blog article or have a special initiative you want to make sure to get in front of members of your target audience, seek out placements in relevant newsletters.
It certainly helps if you’re already a subscriber and can prove that you’ve been paying attention to the newsletter’s content, to show how your inclusion could be a fit and add value to their readers.
Have you tried newsletter marketing? Let me know if there are any tips you’d add to what I’ve said here!
Maddy Osman, The Blogsmith
P.S. This is one of your last chances to enter to win The Blogsmith Freelance Success Grant! Enter here or help me spread the word with this Click-to-Tweet.
Thanks to everyone who’s entered or shared about it so far!

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