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🔗 How Backlinks Fit into Your SEO Strategy 🔗 | The Blogsmith #89

Hey Listies, When a marketer hears the acronym, “SEO” it either conjures up thoughts about keywords a
🔗 How Backlinks Fit into Your SEO Strategy 🔗 | The Blogsmith #89
By Maddy Osman • Issue #89 • View online
Hey Listies,
When a marketer hears the acronym, “SEO” it either conjures up thoughts about keywords and content strategy or website technical structure.
But just as important are efforts made to earn backlinks, which help Google understand your relevance and authority when it comes to recommending search results for a query. 
(Note: You absolutely want Google to find you relevant and authoritative if you want a chance at ranking near the top of search results.)
Last year, I wrote an article about all the annoying backlinks requests I get. I dissected some of the best… and the worst emails I’ve ever gotten. I also share an email pitch letter template that you can build off of to successfully request backlinks from authoritative websites.
But let’s take a step back…
If you’re new to the concept of building backlinks, I’d recommend checking out my Skillshare class on the topic.
In it, I share 11 backlink building tactics of ascending difficulty (with multiple beginner-friendly options). Additionally, I share more in-depth information regarding the importance of backlinks in SEO strategy and how to measure their impact in terms of your ability to rank in relevant search…
…All in just 45 minutes.
Get two months of Skillshare access free to watch the class with this link:
If you’re worried that diving into this topic will be challenging, know that you don’t have to learn anything technical to master backlink building. If you’re good at building relationships, you won’t need to amend your approach by much.
That said, it will be useful if you know the difference between follow and no follow link tags!
I use Ahrefs to keep track of my backlinks and their impact on my domain rating (or domain authority, depending on what camp you belong to). If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, AppSumo’s marketplace frequently features lower cost lifetime deals for SEO software that includes backlink trackers.
In other news:
I’m feeling overwhelmed this week because I’m in the midst of making several important decisions for big moves in my personal life. They’re positive things, but stressful things to deal with.
So I’m going to keep this brief, address these things, and will report back soon.
Maddy Osman, The Blogsmith

🔎 Weekly UX Audit 🔍
I couldn’t technically go “Live” yesterday with all the problems Facebook was having. But I recorded and uploaded my planned UX audit anyway — going over the review/parenting blog: Go Fatherhood.
I’m looking for new websites to audit — would you like me to do yours next? Just reply to this email with your URL!
The Blogsmith UX Audit: Go Fatherhood
The Blogsmith UX Audit: Go Fatherhood
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