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👍 Does Your Business Serve Others — Or Just You? 👎 | The Blogsmith #100

Hey Listies, Can you believe we made it to issue 100? I definitely can't. Besides planned outages (li
👍 Does Your Business Serve Others — Or Just You? 👎 | The Blogsmith #100
By Maddy Osman • Issue #100 • View online
Hey Listies,
Can you believe we made it to issue 100? I definitely can’t. Besides planned outages (like vacation/holidays), I don’t think I’ve skipped sending these consistently on Thursdays — yay me!
I had a fun topic planned for this week but I need to table it in terms of something more pressing and timely.
I had an awful customer experience yesterday.
I won’t get into the specifics but here’s the gist:
I’m a long-term customer who’s been fairly easy to work with in terms of minimal customer service requests and always paying my bill on time.
In the midst of new homeowner’s overwhelm, I missed the memo that 60 day notice was required for cancellation of services, which means that even though I gave about a month’s notice, I’ll be on the hook for an additional month’s worth of access to something that I don’t need and will not use.
And that amount will hurt me.
It will require digging into my savings to pay up at a time where it would certainly be better used on house projects, an extra mortgage payment, money to invest in retirement, or you know, even a vacation would be nice at this point.
There were definitely ways to find a middle ground, but even as a long-term customer, I wasn’t given any option to negotiate.
In fact, they pointed out a term in the contract I signed that allows them to raise the price on me in this situation and told me they would execute on it!
This situation made me think a lot about the difference between the old owners of this company and the new ones who took over.
The old owners took the time to get to know me. They knew my name just by looking at me, my fiance’s name, and even my dog’s name. They regularly created opportunities to create community and it was clear that they truly cared about the people that they served.
This new company doesn’t practice proper maintenance of their offerings — things that should work often don’t. There are multiple safety issues around accessing certain things. Plus, I always feel like I’m the one being a hassle when I come to them with genuine concerns.
It’s amazing just how different a new managing company can make you feel about something that once brought you so much joy.
Which leads me to the question — What’s the underlying purpose of what you do for your customers?
Do you genuinely care about the outcome that your work can create for them?
Or, is it merely a means to an end for stuffing your bank account with money?
Let this admittedly vague situation serve as a wake up call to re-evaluate your why. If you can’t honestly say that your business exists to make the world better, than what are you doing with your life?
If you leave a situation worse than how it started without you, how is that justifiable?
Thanks for letting me rant. Feel free to send your own (even completely unrelated) rant as a response and I promise to read and respond!
Maddy Osman, The Blogsmith

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