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😀 A Newsletter Filled With Positivity + Free SEO Courses 😀 | The Blogsmith #115

😀 A Newsletter Filled With Positivity + Free SEO Courses 😀 | The Blogsmith #115
By Maddy Osman • Issue #115 • View online
Hey Listies,
I know it’s been awhile.
Life has been hard lately. For me, for you, and for our loved ones.
But I don’t want to dwell on that.
Instead, I want this newsletter to act in opposition to the brands that crowd your inbox with the painstaking details of their COVID-19 adjustments, reminding us that things aren’t quite right.
So for now, I want this newsletter to be your break from the negativity of the world. I want to use it to share positive things that have brightened my day and that I think can brighten yours.
As always, I’ll save the end of this newsletter for links to articles and resources that can help your business prosper.
Without further ado, here’s some news to make you smile:

  • Parents — if you’re not too fatigued with Zoom calls, check out Goodnight Zoom for an easy way to spread joy to isolated seniors, care of a remote story time experience.
  • Some of our favorite businesses — Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, and Airbnb, to name a few — were the products of major recessions.
  • On a related note, Denver-based Pandemic Donuts is the brain child of two laid-off Denver restaurant employees and they are selling out their stock on a daily basis!
  • Video meetings are so much more fun nowadays thanks to creative virtual backgrounds and bosses getting stuck with the potato filter for the entire length of meetings when they can’t figure out how to reverse course. Plus, you can support animal sanctuaries while inviting a goat or llama to your next Zoom meeting.
  • Some of the most prolific professional chefs around the world are sharing their best cooking and baking advice for free, in handy video format. Even better, many live video producers are giving viewers the chance to ask their pressing questions to skill up in a more personalized way.
  • Speaking of free, many popular SaaS tools are offering temporary free access/account relief so that you can keep your business running during tough times while having access to awesome tech! Check out Post Status for some awesome WordPress-specific offers.
  • Local communities are finding new ways to connect and help each other thanks to partnerships like “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” brought together by NextDoor and Walmart.
If you see any positive news that’s just begging to be shared, I’d love to hear about it — just reply to this email. :)
Until next time,
Maddy Osman

Free SEO Resources to Skill Up
I’m adding this here because I’ve gotten multiple requests for SEO resources to help people take advantage of their downtime to get better at SEO.
The single best free resource I can recommend is Moz Pro classes.
They’re all free through the end of May (usually at least $99 each)! Sign up ASAP and grab all of them (I’m guessing we can still retain access as long as you sign up before that period).
The best resource for SEO as it relates to blogging is Ahref’s Blogging for Business Course.
I went through all of it awhile ago and took so much from it!
Craig Campbell is another SEO who is sharing his Advanced SEO (more technical) course for free.
And finally, here are some links to completely free versions of my Skillshare classes (you won’t have to put in a credit card to access them), all around ~1 hour in length:

Please note: I’ve only made 50 free codes available for each class, so scoop them up ASAP!
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These are affiliate links but I did actually buy these myself. ;)
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Maddy Osman

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