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Speaking Up

Speaking Up
By Dalton Mabery • Issue #5 • View online

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I’ve decided to take a detour from the weekly format and use this newsletter to help bring awareness to what’s happening in the world today.
I run social media for my church, and we participated in #BlackOutTuesday. One member commented, ‘What exactly are you supporting Bayside?!’ Flustered, I thought and prayed about our heart in participating and what I should say back. I crafted a reply emphasizing that we’re supporting standing in solidarity with the community who is hurting, who is confused, and needs to be loved on.
She responded back criticizing us and saying that, 'All Lives Matter’, and 'We need to love on the entire community right now.’
I’ve noticed this has been a confusing topic for some people to understand. Do all lives matter? Of course they do. However, until Black Lives Matter, all lives aren’t mattering.
There was an illustration floating around social media of two gentleman standing outside two houses. The houses were right next to each other and one was on fire. One man tried to water the house that was on fire, but the other man was using the hose to water his house because it could catch on fire.
He said, “Well my house matters too because it could catch on fire.”
“Right”, the other gentleman responds, “but right now, the other house is on fire so we should be giving that attention.”
“Okay”, the man with the hose replies, “but all houses matter.”
You get the gist, right?
I’m not supporting looting or violence by any means. I don’t think that’s ever the answer. But, it’s interesting to note that over 100,000 National Guard can be deployed in 16 cities in less time than it took to arrest officers who acted wrongfully, or to make policy change.
I love police officers. They risk their lives to protect the community. But I think there needs to be a complete policy change and way of operation for the police force and other organizations.
Below is a link to organizations for you to give through and to support.
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Dalton Mabery

I'm Dalton, a 21-year-old on a journey to find the intersection between Church and technology. I'm an avid reader and every week I send out a newsletter about what I learned in the world of technology, productivity, books, articles, or podcasts.

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