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My Wife Brought Me to Tears This Week

Hey everyone, I’m writing this newsletter at an AirBnB across from the Facebook HQ. Although their co
My Wife Brought Me to Tears This Week
By Dalton Mabery • Issue #17 • View online
Hey everyone,
I’m writing this newsletter at an AirBnB across from the Facebook HQ. Although their company hasn’t been the most ethical, you can’t deny the magic that’s happened inside those walls. 
I spent this week with my lovely wife, Kendal, in back to back days of doctor’s appointments at Stanford. My wife has a chronic lung disease that has caused her to be evaluated for a lung transplant.
During one of our appointments with a social worker, Kendal was asked to “conceptualize what life would be like after the transplant.” Her response brought me to tears.
“I can’t wait to laugh really hard again without having to stop and catch my breath. Honestly, that’s pretty much it.”
As her eyes started to tear up, I was reminded of why I love her. Her circumstances have caused her to care about only the simple things in life. Running. Laughing. Walking around town. Everything most people take for granted.
My productivity tip is this – enjoy the simple things this weekend. Share a cup of coffee with a good friend. Watch your favorite childhood movie. Take some time to look around and give gratitude for the things that annoy you. Odds are, life is pretty good. We just lose sight of that every now and then.

Weekly Finds
Article: Expression is Compression by David Perell
With limits being put on travel, people are missing weddings, graduations, big birthdays, and other important life milestones. And in the age of Zoom calls and virtual experiences, sharing stories has become a popular form of killing time. But, no matter how well you can recreate a beautiful representation of what you saw, learned, or experienced, it will never be the real thing – or as good as the real thing once was.
In this article, David Perell compares maps and what they express to people’s behaviors in life. The art of compressing an experience, a story, or a circumstance into a smaller form of itself will never be as good as the real thing – and that’s okay.
Nicolas Cole is one of the best online writers. He constantly has articles on the front page of Medium with hundreds of thousands of people reading his posts each month.
He released a book on Tuesday that recaps his journey of online writing and gives practical tips to people who are looking to start, or improve, their presence online (The first tip was to not start a blog. Oops.)
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