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Look what you did.

Look what you did.
By Dalton Mabery • Issue #15 • View online

The 🌏 of Tech
Look what you did, Apple. Doubling your market cap in just 24 months, nice.
Apple became the first American company to hit a market cap of $2 Trillion this week. Since the beginning of June, shares in Apple have risen steadily by 3.5 percent every week. And the shares jumped significantly after Apple revealed its earnings report detailing record sales and a total revenue of $59.7 Billion.
AirBnB has finally filed for an IPO. The company was scheduled to do so in March of this year, but decided against it due to the coronavirus pandemic halting travel. The company laid off a massive amount of employees in the recent months to cut back on spending, but feel now is the time to make the move.
The 🌏 of Productivity
As we continue our series into Tiago Forte’s wonderful world of PARA, it’s now time to talk about Areas.
Areas are the silos of life that can never be crossed off. For example, being a husband, dad, or friend will never be complete. If you’re a father or mother now, you’ll always be one. That is what differs areas from projects.
Identifying areas helps you stay organized in the long-term. If you have an area for Personal Finances, that’s the place you would store all receipts, tax information, bank accounts, budgets, and so on. When it came time for tax season, you wouldn’t have to go searching for all sorts of information spread across your desktop or home, you would be able to access everything through the Personal Finances area.
Identifying your areas also helps you with commitments and time management. When you are aware of what areas you want to spend your time in, when an opportunity comes along that doesn’t easily fit into an existing area, it’s safe to say that is going to be a massive time suck. You can easily decline, which is hard for people to do.
🆕 Articles
I’m working on a project that involves David Perell’s online writing syllabus. It’s a collection of essays that form an outline of how to write well on the internet. “The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online” had some interesting nuggets including:
  • Strategies on creating original blog posts
  • The problem with most online writing advice
  • The importance of an email list
  • Tips to write clearly and persuasively
🆕 Podcasts
Although not it’s not technically a podcast, this deep dive with Tiago Forte on Building a Second Brain was interesting. I have never taken his class, and don’t know if I will, but I wanted to learn some more tips and how to’s when building a second brain. You can watch the full video here.
🆕 Video
In my new video of the week, I explained how I sort and organize my notes inside of Obsidian. If you’d rather read the article, do so here.
The Most Efficient Task Manager
The Most Efficient Task Manager
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