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I'd Love Some Title Ideas For This One

I'd Love Some Title Ideas For This One
By Dalton Mabery • Issue #14 • View online

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Excuse the missed week last week. I vowed to never miss a week, but my wedding fell on a Friday, and that was pretty important. It was an amazing day and an incredible week of vacation, but we’re back now! Let’s get into this week’s content.
The 🌏 of Tech
Parabola, a no-code tool like Zapier but on steroids, raised an $8 million dollar series A, led by Matrix Partners, Thrive Capital, and a few individual investors.
Alex Yaseen, the CEO & Founder, says, “We’re a drag and drop productivity tool, and we like to say we bring the power of programming to everybody.“ The tool is designed to automate tasks that typically suck hours of work away from teams of people moving data between cells in Excel and Sheets.
The 🌏 of Productivity
As I mentioned in the last newsletter, we’re going to be taking a deep dive into PARA, a Life OS that has helped many people stay focused and on track with their short-term and long-term goals. PARA stands for Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archive. The goal is to help simplify your tasks and organizational method for anything you might need in the future. This week, we’re taking a look at Projects.
A Project is any series of tasks linked to a goal that has a deadline. “Develop Online Course” is a project whereas “Film episode 2 of the online course” is a task. A project also has a defined event that will happen at a certain time. Once it’s happened, that project can be completely crossed off your list.
Once you have a clear list of your active projects, put it side by side next to your goal list. Draw lines from any project to the corresponding goal. If you have a project that doesn’t have a line drawn to a goal, that is most likely a hobby, not a project.
If you have a goal that doesn’t have a project connected to it, that is most likely a dream. You may want to achieve that goal, but without an active project working towards that goal, you’re not making any progress.
There’s nothing wrong with having hobbies, dreams, and goals. In fact, it’s a good thing to take a break from the pressure of life and just have fun; however, it’s important to be aware of how each project and goal is aligning in your life at the moment.
Read further on the PARA organizational system here.
🆕 Articles
I was able to read 10+ articles this week, and this one by Andrew Chen took first place. He’s been blogging for 10 years, and his writing has gotten him amazing opportunities in his career and led him to meeting some interesting people. Here are a few of the lessons. 
  1. Titles are 80% of the work, but you write it as the very last thing. It has to be a compelling opinion or important learning. (Re: The subject line of this email)
  2. Writing is the most scalable professional networking activity – stay home, don’t go to events/conferences, and just put ideas down.
  3. Think of your writing on the same timescale as your career. Write on a multi-decade timeframe. This means, don’t just pub on Quora/Medium.
Read the full article here.
🆕 Podcasts
This episode of The Northstar Podcast, hosted by David Perell, interviews Matthew Kobach, former content manager for The New York Stock Exchange. It takes a unique look at social media and covers topics including:
  • The unexpected best brand on Social Media
  • What success on social media looks like
  • What makes Twitter such a powerful platform
  • The impact writing on the internet can have
Listen to the full episode here.
🆕 Video
I’ve written multiple times in this newsletter about my love for Roam Research. The bi-directional linking, the unlinked references, the block embeds, and all the other unique features that came with a tool for networked thought blew me away. But, a few weeks ago, I decided to switch. Check out why in my latest video.
Why I Switched From Roam Research to Obsidian
Why I Switched From Roam Research to Obsidian
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Have a productive week, Dalton
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