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Bookshelf #019: Changes Are Amongst Us

Happy Friday! This week was pretty standard for me, but I put out some fun content! This morning, I p
Bookshelf #019: Changes Are Amongst Us
By Dalton Mabery • Issue #19 • View online
Happy Friday! This week was pretty standard for me, but I put out some fun content!
This morning, I published a video explaining why I was wrong about Roam Research and an interview with Robbie Crabtree. Robbie is a lawyer and performative speaking coach who 100X his investment on some Visualize Value classes and recently launched his own course. We talk about how powerful confidence is in speaking, one of the most impactful cases he has been on, and some tips for better communication. Watch the interview here.
Now, on to The Bookshelf.

On Technology
Facebook bought outdoor adventure store, REI’s headquarters in Seattle for $367M. The purchase extends Facebook’s footprint in Seattle to 3M square feet. Is this a move out of the cities? Despite Facebook’s decision to go remote, they seem to be very interested in land. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.
Snowflake, a cloud data platform, made a highly anticipated IPO this week. The stock was expected to trade at $85/share but rose to as high as $120 pre-IPO and is currently trading at $238.55. $SNOW is the largest tech IPO in history and is backed by good ‘ol Warren Buffet and the Hathaway crew.
On Productivity
One of the most common mistakes people make when faced with decisions is they think they’ll lose what they already have - a mental model called Loss Aversion.
Loss Aversion defines our tendency to prefer avoiding losses rather than acquiring gains. Why take the six-figure job with more travel when my five-figure job is perfect and I get to see my kids? Even if it means more money and a paid-for car?
We’re willing to leave a lot of money on the table to avoid the possibility of losing.
Another example, outlined by Daniel Kahneman, says, “If I flipped a coin and it landed on tails, you would owe me $10. How much would you have to gain for it to be worth it?”
When you’re aware of this example in life, these decisions seem to be everywhere. 
New Books
Naval Ravikant, a brilliant investor, founder of Angel List, and contrarian philosopher has made a name for himself with his unique insights. Aside from his investments in Dropbox, Twitter, Yammer, and many other unicorns, Ravikant created a famous Tweetstorm in May 2018 called, “How to Get Rich Without Getting Lucky.”
He packs years worth of wisdom on wealth, productizing yourself, and specific knowledge into short, actionable tweets.
On Thursday, a book was released titled, The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, which takes a further look into his philosophy. The book is free on the website and only $1 on Kindle. 
New Articles
Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator, is a business genius and a great writer. What sets him apart from other online writers is his use of examples. With just about every concept he writes about, he backs it up with an example. His use of familiar examples allows unfamiliar ideas to become much more concrete and easier to master.
Continue reading this article, “What Makes Paul Graham a Great Writer” to understand more about his concepts, philosophies, and strategies.
End Note
After analyzing the results from the form I sent out two weeks ago, I’m going to make some changes to the format of my newsletter.
55.6% of responses said the briefing on the world of technology was the most interesting section while only 22% of responses said they enjoyed the world of productivity tip. I thought the only thing people cared about was the productivity tip. 
100% of responses said I should either keep it at the same length, or make it longer.
Starting next week, I will adopt a more casual approach - what I wanted to do when I started the newsletter. Instead of sticking to a strict outline (World of Tech, World of Productivity) each week, I will share the most interesting articles, books, podcasts, and forms of research around Technology, Productivity, and Business.
Don’t hear what I’m not saying. It’s not a link dump of, “Hey, here’s what I read this week.” It will be a curated list of thoughtful sources explaining the world of technology, what’s going on in business, and research on productivity, note-taking, and critical thinking.
If that’s not interesting to you, unsubscribe here.
If you still want to support, mind sharing this with a friend? It would mean a lot!
Until next week,
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