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Bookshelf 013: Big Tech Faces Congress, PARA, Zettelkasten, and Building a Second Brain

Bookshelf 013: Big Tech Faces Congress, PARA, Zettelkasten, and Building a Second Brain
By Dalton Mabery • Issue #13 • View online

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Hey friends, hope all is well! Moved into a new home this week and getting married in 7 days 😲 So I haven’t gotten to make as many videos as I’d like. However, exciting things are happening in life!
The 🌏 of Tech
The Four Horseman of the tech world - Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, and Sundar Pichai - participated in a 5 and a half hour long hearing on Wednesday. Their companies are being investigated for anti trust violations, claiming that the companies are too big and are stifling competition. This is the first time they have ever had to answer questions about how thier business operates.
David Cicilline, House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee Chair, made some pretty broad opening remarks stating each company is a gatekeeper for distribution channels, each uses surveillance of other companies to asses the market and protect its own company by “buying, copying, or cutting off potential competition.” And the platforms all abuse their power over current technological enhancements to extend their power.
The hearing went round in round in circles as The House took their turns asking each CEO what their companies were up to. No one said anything alarming and most talked around the question that was given. Cicilline ended saying to expect a report with what the next steps will be for each company.
The 🌏 of Productivity
Organized information leads to actionable knowledge. Unorganized information leads to an endless dump of links, books and blog posts. So what’s your organization system? Over the next four weeks, we’re going to take a deep dive into Tiago Forte’s PARA method. This method is universal and will work no matter what you collect, what you spend time working on, or what you want to do with the information.
Projects are a series of tasks that link directly to a goal and have a deadline.
Areas of responsibility refers to each area of life you have information about or need to pay attention to. For example, Health; Work; Car; Youtube; Blog Posts; Husband; House; etc.
Resources is the place you store all relevant information on a certain topic or theme.
All inactive information for the three other categories
Your day is spent doing a certain number of tasks which relate to a project and each project is grouped under an area of responsibility. The difference between areas and projects is simple; a project has a specific goal that, when completed, allows that project to be completely checked off the list and moved to the archive. An area of responsibility has a constant standard to always be maintained or improved. Being a great dad can never be checked off the list, so it’s an area.
We’ll dive deeper into these over the next few weeks, so start thinking of each project and area you need to sort out.
🆕 Articles
While doing some research on how to take better notes, I came across this great article detailing what the Zettelkasten is and how to use it. This method is very confusing to a lot of people, and I felt the author did a great job of giving an overview of the history and practical implications of how to use it in your life. 
🆕 Podcasts
Here’s Tiago Forte, founder of the PARA method, explaining the importance of using technology to build a second brain on one of my favorite podcasts, Asian Efficiency.
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Have a productive week, Dalton
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