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Bookshelf 011: The Twitter Attack, How to Write a Blog, and Budgeting

Bookshelf 011: The Twitter Attack, How to Write a Blog, and Budgeting
By Dalton Mabery • Issue #11 • View online

🙂 Refresh
I had an awesome thing happen this week! An Instagram account with 40K + followers stumbled over one of my Notion videos, “How to Build a Master Task Database in Notion” and gave me a few shoutouts plus a swipe up on his Instagram story. That is the first time an account of that stature gave me some recognition and it was very rewarding. Just thought I’d share.
The 🌏 of Tech
This was a crazy week for Twitter. Some of the most popular accounts like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Apple, Bill Gates, and other famous accounts with millions of followers were hacked on Wednesday afternoon. They all Tweeted something along the lines of, “Whatever money is sent to my Bitcoin account, I’ll double it and send it back.”
You would think people knew it was a scam right away, but unfortunately many fell for it. This opened up a whole new war for Jack Dorsey and the team at Twitter to fight along with theories that admins at Twitter can blacklist and shadow ban different accounts.
Here’s a more in-depth article explaining what happened, how it happened, and what Twitter needs to disclose. And here’s one explaining who might be behind the attack.
Here’s another article about the guy who deactivated Trump’s Twitter in 2015 while working at Twitter.
Ahhh. The tech world. What a lovely bunch of folks 🙂
The 🌏 of Productivity
I was mentioned in a Tweet from a founder of a new productivity app that has yet to be released. It’s called Amie and has the idea of blending your To Do List and calendar in one spot. The founder, Dennis Müller, knows exactly what he’s doing along the lines of UI/UX because the interface looks incredible, which is not common in the launch of many productivity apps. Hopefully it launches in the next few months!
🆕 Books
With my wedding being in exactly three weeks from now, I decided to start reading, The Meaning of Marriage by pastor and author Timothy Keller. Whether you believe in The Bible or not, this book has given me practical insights into what it means to be a husband, how to have a good friendship in marriage, and the importance of focusing on your own selfishness, not your spouses.
I’m excited to talk with my fiancé about this book when we’re done with it and are married!
🆕 Articles
Nat Eliason made ~$200,000 on his Roam Research course. He has also started his own company, has a newsletter of over 17,000 subscribers, and has a personal blog that tens of thousands of people have read. A few weeks ago, he said he was going to write a blog titled, “How to Write a Blog That Will Change Your Life”, and it was finally released yesterday.
I was very excited to read this and am still going back to process and brainstorm the ideas and thoughts for my own blog.
🆕 Video
One of the things I was taught at a relatively young age was how to budget. My parents took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course and did so well, they’re now teaching it to others.
When I finally got a real job, my parents taught me all about a zero-based budget and I really enjoyed the topic because I love the organization of it. However, I never found an app or software that worked well with it; Excel was all I had. But, in last weeks book, “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”, the author talked about YNAB, a software focused all around budgeting. I decided to try it out and love it. So naturally, I made a video on it. Enjoy!
YNAB: The BEST Budgeting App
YNAB: The BEST Budgeting App
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