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Bookshelf 008: New Kickstarter Campaigns, Politics with Facebook, and Flywheels

Bookshelf 008: New Kickstarter Campaigns, Politics with Facebook, and Flywheels
By Dalton Mabery • Issue #8 • View online

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Hey guys, hope all is well. Just wanted to extend the invite if you have questions about anything, or just want to chat - feel free to reply to this email! It’s my personal email and we can set up a time.
I’m trying a new format today, with just information from tech and productivity and either one article, book, or podcast. If you like it, let me know! If you have other suggestions or something you’d rather see, please reach out. 
The 🌏 of Tech
COVID-19 has made the tech world a frenzy. While some companies are innovating and discovering new ways of doing old things, Facebook and Twitter have been in a very interesting ‘political campaign’. Jack Dorsey, Founder & CEO of Twitter, threatened to disable tweets from Trump that were violent or had misinformation. While Zuck from Facebook said people should have freedom of speech on platforms. Bots on Facebook have been flagging stories that are shared on Facebook that could be misleading, so there is some control.
This whole season has been so interesting to watch play out. (source)
The 🌏 of Productivity
I backed this awesome new productivity system on Kickstarter this week. It’s a simple, modern and aesthetically pleasing to do list combined with ‘Next’ and 'Someday/Maybe’ columns. Along with my backing, I ordered two of them to review and give one away on Youtube. They should ship in October! For more information or if you want to back it as well, check out the link below.
Analog: The simplest productivity system by Jeff Sheldon — Kickstarter
🆕 Books
I started this fascinating monograph by Jim Collins on the concept of a flywheel. The Flywheel, as Collins would say, is a way to analyze and look at your business as it’s building momentum or not. He compares Amazon, Intel, and a few other companies to help the reader understand the concept and form their own person flywheel.
Turning the Flywheel: A Monograph to Accompany Good to Great: Collins, Jim: 9780062933799: Books
🆕 Video
How to Create Date Specific ToDos in Notion
How to Create Date Specific ToDos in Notion
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