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Bookshelf 006: Virtual Concerts, Screen Time, and Marketing

Bookshelf 006: Virtual Concerts, Screen Time, and Marketing
By Dalton Mabery • Issue #6 • View online

🙂 Refresh
Hey friends, hope all is well! I was driving home from San Fransisco this week and took a detour to grab some lunch and I ended up in downtown Redwood City. I was looking around at one of the stop lights and saw a giant building with the word, “box” on it. Box is a company that I follow on Twitter and love what they do, so it was cool to see their HQ where all the magic happens. Hope everyone has been staying safe!
The 🌏 of Tech
Scoter Braun and Alex Rodriguez became investors this week while helping Wave, a virtual entertainment company, raise $30 million in a Series B round. Wave partners with music artists and helps them have virtual concerts with a digital avatar. There’s no doubt that Wave is on their way to reinventing the concert experience (Source).
Roam Research, a bi-directional note taking app, has opened its gates this week! They’re finally allowing new users to join for a steep $15/month or $7/month if you’re a student, a researcher, or you’re under 22. They also have an interesting ‘True Believers’ plan which is $500 charged today for five years of membership, Slack channel with the staff, early access to new features first, and your name on the website of a 'True Believers’ page.
The 🌏 of Productivity
The mornings for me are the most productive deep work times. However, I was noticing I kept getting distracted once it was 8:00 am because my Instagram would unlock and I would be curious to see what’s happened in the past 12 hours.
With the help of a friend and screen time, we both set the screen time to activate from 9:00 pm - 9:00 am instead of 9:00 pm - 8:00 am. Although it’s only an hour, it helps me have a better deep work sprint and I’ve gotten much more done in the mornings this week.
🆕 Books
I’m about halfway through This is Marketing by Seth Godin. I’ve listened to two of his podcast interviews on “The Tim Ferris Show” and must say his philosophies are unique. The main argument of This is Marketing so far is to find your smallest viable audience (1,000 true fans if you’re familiar with Kevin Kelly’s article), and give them what they need/want. Typically, most people make a product and then find an audience. Godin is saying to reverse that and find an audience, then create a product that audience can’t resist.
🆕 Articles
I found a new productivity company called Asian Efficiency. They have blog posts, podcasts, and e-books - the whole 9 yards.
Here’s an interesting article on how the CEO plans his week.
How I Plan My Week as a CEO
🆕 Podcasts
Along with the article from Asian Efficiency, I also listened to some podcasts by them. Here’s the most interesting one I’ve heard on their best productivity purchases in the past year.
Our Most Useful Productivity Purchases From The Last Year (TPS303) - The Productivity Show | Podcast on Spotify
🆕 Video
4 Ways to Work Deeply and Hit More Long-Term Goals
4 Ways to Work Deeply and Hit More Long-Term Goals
I took this week to dive a little deeper into Deep Work by Cal Newport. I broke down each Deep Work philosophy and explained the pros and cons to help you see which strategy is best for you. Enjoy!
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