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By Dalton Mabery

Sharing my multidisciplinary learnings.

Sharing my multidisciplinary learnings.

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Bookshelf #065: Don't use big words

What am I avoiding just because the desired outcome would take longer than I’d like?


Bookshelf #064: In Your Head

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1929) in his only recorded interview ever. In it, he explains where he got the idea for Sherlock Holmes, how people wrote letters to him saying they'd be Holmes' housekeeper, and why he's not going to write any more Sherlock Holmes nov…


Bookshelf #063: Expect disaster to avoid disaster

The only way to avoid disappointment is to expect it.If you're trying to do something that has never been done before, the odds of it working on the first or second try are slim to none. That's reality. But that's okay, because you learn. You learn what didn'…


Bookshelf #062: The Disasters You Don't See

If you're only preparing for the disaster you can imagine, you're going to be unprepared.No one expected the economy to crash so hard during the Great Depression until it did.No one expected (or maybe they did but didn't prepare) for a disease to put the enti…


Bookshelf #061: The merry-go-round of societies

Hey everyone,Thinking about this image shared from one of my favorite writers and thinkers, Tim Urban, earlier this week. It's a visualization of a quote from G. Michael Hopf in his science-fiction/apocalyptic novel Those Who Remain:Hard times create strong m…


Bookshelf #060: The Life that Communicated with the Universe

The more I read about the lives of those who have impacted our world today, the more obvious it is that one characteristic drives those people: Curiosity. Curiosity, in the form of questioning the mundane things. The things that most people simply assume work…


Bookshelf #059 - Dichotomy of Control

What Happens If the Moon Crashes into EarthSimulation explaining the movement of people and ideologies spreadingCan a triangle have three right angles?Walt Disney's Three Room System of ideationNever before seen pictures of VenusThanks for reading,Dalton


Bookshelf #58 - Tools for thinking better

There's a reason some engines sound rumbly, tumbly, and others sound loud and annoying. It's physics!