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By Maarten Van den Bossche

Your update on Growth news! 🚀

Your update on Growth news! 🚀

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From Macro Trends to Spying on SDK's 🕵🏻‍♂️- The Growth Weekly

When does it make sense to have a growth team? Do you know? Lars Lofgren (now CEO at Quick Sprout) has been building them at KissMetrics and I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Today, he questions their profitability.He lists 9 reasons why they may fail and 4 altern…


Banking on Digital 📱- The Growth Weekly

Today's newsletter contains my take-aways from App Annie's State of Mobile report, the update you need on digital banks,and a great Morning Brew design review.


Time, Experience & Material ⏰ - The Growth Weekly - Issue #16

1/ You should know by now that growth is the result of an equation rather than a single 'trick' or 'hack'. Peter Fodor from AppAgent really summarized it right in his blogpost after getting asked 'Could you grow my app?'.


Place Your Bets 💵 - The Growth Weekly - Issue #15

1.Luminary wants to be the 'Netflix of Podcasts'. Now the industry is getting more and more serious, they want to take a big market share by offering exclusive content through subscriptions. No ads. 🎧


Watch & Learn 👀 - The Growth Weekly - Issue #14

1. Airtable has shown amazing growth by re-inventing the spreadsheet and including all the benefits of a database. Within this article Hiten Shah describes how their product grew through excellent roadmap choices. 📈


Taking Growth Too Far 🧐- The Growth Weekly - Issue #13

Growth is important. I dedicate a lot of my time on growing products, businesses and people, including myself. It's something I enjoy and gives me a sense of meaning. But there is a limit. You could call it 'human cost', but I think it is an alienation of 'ca…


Customer and Roadmap Development - The Growth Weekly - Issue #12

1. This first article is an attempt from Ryan Hoover (Founder of Product Hunt) to map the rising ecosystem of Maker Communities. An interesting new type of platform that connects creators with each other and possible clients.But how will this all turn out? Wh…


Customer Acquisition Tactics - The Growth Weekly - Issue #11

Whether you're selling goods or services, you'll need customers. In the end, someone will have to give you money in return for 'the thing you do'.So how do you get them to do that? Do you have a brick and mortar store where they can come to? Or do they send y…


Building Up To The Launch 🚀 - The Growth Weekly - Issue #10

So even if you're looking to build a product that's aimed for the masses, it will most likely pay off to start small.


📚My 5 Favorite Books on Growth Strategy - The Growth Weekly - Issue #9

The absolute classic on the process of growth hacking. If you haven't read anything on the topic, you should start with this one. Analyse, Ideate, Prioritize, Test and repeat.


Loyalty & Gamification - The Growth Weekly - Issue #8

What does it mean if a customer is loyal to your product? Does it mean that they return to use your product often? Does it mean that they're not inclined to use your competitors product?


Building a Growth Team - The Growth Weekly - Issue #7

The vision is clear and you know what you'll be working on for the next period. But how do you organise for succes?


Planting The Flag - The Growth Weekly - Issue #6

If there's one thing I have learned during my relatively short career, it's this:Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. - Alexander Graham BellNo matter what challenge you're facing, the biggest difference in performance is in how efficientl…


Triple-Track Growth - The Growth Weekly - Issue #5

Often times when people think about product growth strategy of growth hacking, they think of the thousands A/B testing experiments and small tweaks in the UX of a product. And that's fair. But what we're doing isn't limited to that. When working on product gr…


Defensibility, loyalty and networks - TGW#4

Last week, I was talking to an entrepreneur about the coming year and what he will be focussing on. There were not really that many direct competitors for the business as this (recent) vertical has pretty high barriers to entry and no long-term history of suc…


The Growth Weekly - Growth Models

The biggest enemies to product growth are strong opinions that lack data to prove they're valid.It's hard to keep the focus in roadmap development on product success. There are a lot of opinions, ideas and possible improvements laying around.Deciding on what …


The Growth Weekly - Product Analytics

So last week we were talking about retention as a very big driver of retention. But before you can do something about your retention rates, you'll have to be able to measure them.Coming from web analytics myself, getting into product or app analytics was daun…


The Growth Weekly - Kick-Off

Two weeks ago, I had the honor to meet Andy Carvell. Andy is one of the founding fathers of mobile growth. He developed the Mobile Growth Stack, which is a great overview of all competencies and activities within the field: