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Triple-Track Growth - The Growth Weekly - Issue #5


The Growth Grind

November 29 · Issue #5 · View online

Your update on Growth news! 🚀

Welcome to The Growth Weekly. 👋🏻
Today, I’d like to share a vision on product growth I will call triple-track growth just for the sake that it’s a good title.
Let me know what you think of it.
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Triple-Track Growth
Often times when people think about product growth strategy of growth hacking, they think of the thousands A/B testing experiments and small tweaks in the UX of a product. And that’s fair. But what we’re doing isn’t limited to that.
When working on product growth, there’s 3 interdependent tracks that move the needle:
  • Discovering
  • Validation
  • Improving
I’ve already touched on the last one and will be explaining it in more detail in the future. But for today, let’s take a look at the last two.
Optimization is good, but nothing beats a great 0/1-decision.
The impact of starting to do something new can be much bigger than endlessly optimizing your current features, channels or offerings. I’ll include an evergreen article from Brian Balfour as an example of changing product-channel fit below.
So always be on the lookout for new possible services you could offer. From time to time, run a service blueprint or design thinking exercises. We’ve assembled a free Digital Product Strategy Toolbox to do so! We try to keep at least a quarterly rhythm in doing so.
Having ideas is good, but nothing beats a user-validated prototype.
To be able to focus enough energy and time on discovering, building and improving the right features, be relentless on any ideas that come up.
Don’t let big new ideas highjack your product roadmap before they are user-validated. I’m not saying you should not be having new ideas. But train your reflex to turn every ‘big idea’ into a small ‘user-test’. Think of surveys, small user-tests, focus groups, design sprints.
If you’re constantly working on this triple-track growth, you’ll get the numbers in fast. Because you will be constantly:
  • Discovering the next best thing to do.
  • Validating if ideas are worth your time.
  • Improving your current product succes.
Have fun!
Interesting Articles
Shameless plug to my own content but I suppose that’s OK as long as it’s helpful. 🤔 As was expected, Google is sunsetting the Google Analytics Services SDK by October 2019. They want to move all App-related services to move to Firebase.
Google sunsets Google Analytics Services SDK Google sunsets Google Analytics Services SDK
As promised. This is an absolute classic. Brain Balfour explains how your product-channel fit is as important as product-market fit and how it can change over time.
Product Channel Fit Will Make or Break Your Growth Strategy — Brian Balfour Product Channel Fit Will Make or Break Your Growth Strategy — Brian Balfour
I haven’t really been ‘growth hacking’ marketing websites for quite a while, but this case study about Xero is so well written-out, I had to share it with you.
Xero’s Growth Strategy - How they acquired 350k users in the last 12 months Xero’s Growth Strategy - How they acquired 350k users in the last 12 months
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