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By Maarten Van den Bossche

Customer and Roadmap Development - The Growth Weekly - Issue #12





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The Growth Grind

February 26 · Issue #12 · View online

Your update on Growth news! 🚀

Hi you! 👋🏻
If you’ve read last week issue of The Growth Weekly, you might notice a few changes to the format.
I’m still looking for the way in which I can give you most value. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
Below, I’ve curated some of the articles and a podcast I’ve found very interesting this week.
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Looking For a Market 👀
This first article is an attempt from Ryan Hoover (Founder of Product Hunt) to map the rising ecosystem of Maker Communities. An interesting new type of platform that connects creators with each other and possible clients.
But how will this all turn out? Which ones will find true product-market fit?
The Rise of Maker Communities – Ryan Hoover – Medium The Rise of Maker Communities – Ryan Hoover – Medium
Chances are you’ve already heard about Calm, one of the biggest meditation apps out there. They focus heavily on paid acquisition and have now offered their product for free to teachers and students.
With this move, they’re doubling down on an already existing product-market fit with teachers. Valuing their positive effect on millions of children.
Targeting the second group is an excellent use of cohort marketing and market development: By offering their product for free while they are kids, they might install a Calm mindset that leads them to become paying customers later in life.
The Number 1 Meditation App Is Now Free For Teachers And Their Students The Number 1 Meditation App Is Now Free For Teachers And Their Students
Nir Eyal has posted a case study that showcases the Hooked Model. It’s about the fitness app Fitbod which solves the problem of ‘not knowing what to do in the gym.’
The One Fitness App That Hooked Me For Good
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Data & Roadmap Decisions 🏗
Over 40 percent of the companies surveyed still aren’t talking to their end users during development. Just over 50 percent admitted that they have no objective way to assess or set targets for the output of their design teams.
McKinsey did some interesting research to uncover the business value of design. They’ve boiled it down to 4 principles that seem logical but aren’t for many companies.
  • Analytical Leadership
  • Cross-Functional Talent
  • Continuous Iteration
  • User Experience
The business value of design | McKinsey
We often reward what I call, “Certainty Theater,” the phenomenon of consciously or unconsciously inflating the certainty we have about decisions.
When deciding on a product roadmap, we deal with a lot of uncertainty. And yet, the thing we seem to be denying most when communicating the roadmap, is this uncertainty. John Cutler explains:
The Certainty Trap in Product Development
This Week's Podcast 🎧
Pete Flint has finally recorded a podcast for NFX. It’s a great interview with Andy Johns who argues that growth teams are not what most businesses need. Some might need to more customer development instead.
“Everyone today knows what a growth hacker is, but not enough know about Steve Blank. And that is a disaster from my perspective”. 
"Why Growth Hacking Is Broken" - Pete Flint & Andy Johns by NFX | NFX | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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