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By Maarten Van den Bossche

Customer Acquisition Tactics - The Growth Weekly - Issue #11





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The Growth Grind

February 21 · Issue #11 · View online

Your update on Growth news! 🚀

Hi 👋🏻
How have you been?
This week I’ve been thinking about customer acquisition tactics. I won’t be talking about traffic generation like SEO, Facebook Advertising, … These are just wood to keep te fire burning.
But what’s your fire? 🔥
I see business switch and blame channels over and over, but too few of them actually start thinking about the way they convert potential customers.
Did you think about that already? 🤔

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash
Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash
Customer Acquisition Tactics
Whether you’re selling goods or services, you’ll need customers. In the end, someone will have to give you money in return for ‘the thing you do’.
So how do you get them to do that? Do you have a brick and mortar store where they can come to? Or do they send you an e-mail? Do they call you or do you call them?
I’ll list some ways you could get your generated traffic through the door.
Direct Sales
Your offer is clearly stated. So if people need you, they will contact you. Plain and simple. You either offer a contact page, have some e-commerce solution or physical space where customers are lead to.
If you’re in a competitive vertical, you’ll end up spending a lot of your marketing budget on branding and demand generation, increasing people’s motivation to come to you.
A great way to get customers in the door is to let them book a call with you.
A great way to get customers in the door is to let them book a call with you.
Indirect Sales & Partnerships
Let others do the talking. Spend your time marketing to people that will sell your product or service. Explain them that what you are offering will get them more (happy) customers.
This will always be a two-sided effort so be prepared to put in the work to get things rolling.
Show, Don’t Tell
Let potential customers convince themselves by showing them the good you can do. This can be done in many ways and forms:
  • Demo / Video Review
  • Live Demo
  • Trial
  • Freemium
  • Samples
  • Case Studies
  • Client Work
  • Process
We use an AI Canvas Model that helps potential customers discover their needs.
We use an AI Canvas Model that helps potential customers discover their needs.
Lead Generation
Spot people that might have the need you are aiming for and give them something that helps them in return for their credentials.
This could be anything from a whitepaper, webinar, free audit, newsletter or any other lead magnet. But that’s only half of the work. What will you be doing with those leads?
Will you contact them manually or will they be further nurtured using marketing automation?
And You?
How are you getting your customers through the door?
Let me know!
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