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the future is global, open source, and permissionless.

the future is global, open source, and permissionless.

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DAOs Predate Web3

Ever since the invention of Ethereum, the idea of DAOs has captured the imagination of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Typically, the thinking has been that instead of a traditional organization operating with bank accounts, real estate, employment contracts, etc…


DAO Leadership Principles

My favorite book on leadership is Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink. In my reading of it, three main ideas stick with me:Take ownership over everything. It is your responsibility for your team to achieve success.Even if you are low in the team's nominal hier…


State of GOSPEL (2021)

The Internet lifts a massive constraint off of mankind. Now, any two people can communicate with high bandwidth regardless of their location in space. This should completely transform the way that people work together. Institutions should reorient themselves …


Why DAOs Change Everything

The startup community has long known the importance of iteration speed. There are two common-sense reasons why iteration speed is important.Every time you iterate, you get a chance to compound your progress. You are making a decision from a point of superior …



Since my last newsletter, Grok and I laid out a plan for an app called Pull Request Stories (PRS), in the 777 Discord. We then proceeded to build and launch it from scratch. You can think of this as the first app officially in the GOSPEL ecosystem.The idea is…



What is GOSPEL? And what is it not?Here is the post where I introduced GOSPEL. GOSPEL stands for Global Open Source Permissionless Enterprise League. First and foremost, GOSPEL is a set of companies (an enterprise league, if you will). Companies in GOSPEL are…


Introducing GOSPEL (Global Open Source Permissionless Enterprise League)

Every thing is constrained by the environment in which it was developed.For example, theaters used to be the only way to distribute video, therefore “movies” were usually between 90-120 minutes. Not too long to sit in a theater comfortably, but long enough to…


1 Day of Day 1

(Max Hodak is the former CEO of Elon Musk’s Neuralink)The longer a project takes to launch, the longer you can expect until it launches[1]. The further out the expected launch date, the more likely it will never be completed[2].An interesting way to combat th…