Time to Tune In to... 🎙🎧 Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #7





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Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog
Time to Tune In to... 🎙🎧 Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #7
It will take some time, fine tuning my workflow regarding the content creation and publishing timeline for this newsletter, but I am on my way… ;)
I am into emojis (as you can see in the subject line) and soon my favorite beverage will get its own emoji. More about this emoji in an upcoming newsletter. :)

New Media
The microphone and headphones are representing my interest and work in the field of “time-shifted radio,” i.e. podcasting. I have even added these emojis between my first and last name on my LinkedIn profile. ;)
At the moment, I am involved in the plan to arrange the first “unconference” on podcasting, in Gothenburg, Sweden, with some other podcasters. You could learn more about this “potluck” conference (PodCoast), in episode 32 of Presentation (Skills) in Plain English podcast.
Business Philosophy
Are you striving to work “4 hours per week”? How about having a 4 day working week? Here is an excerpt from Andrew Barnes’s book, The 4 Day Week:
If workers are having trouble concentrating on the job, it is likewise all too easy for employers to misunderstand how work flexibility can be a solution to poor productivity. Most of the conversation about flexibility focuses on the work-life balance benefits and treats the improvement of productivity as a by-product of the policy. That is, a reduction in working hours generates higher productivity as a consequence of a better work-life balance.
I recently saw something in the news, about Finland introducing a 4-day working week, but…
Good Life
I am really adding on to my collection of notebooks…
Martin Lindeskog🗽🌐💎☕️🍵🙃 on Instagram: “Breakfast meeting with Jim Jonsson. He has created several jingles for podcasts that I am involved in. One podcast is called Pen Meets…”
Christer Hedberg asked why I had so many notebooks in a comment on Facebook, so that triggered me to answer his question on the podcast, Produktivitéet, and having a discussion together with my co-host, Johan Gustaphzon.
I will add more hashtags to the photo on Instagram in the near future. I used the Lo-Fi filter.
As I checked out Christer Hedberg’s site, I saw that he has a newsletter. In the latest issue of this newsletter, he links to Fast Company’s story on how “McDonald’s gets a minimalist makeover.” I am getting hungry now! 😋
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