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MayDay: Do Not Burn🔥This🗞️Newsletter! - Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #18

Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog
MayDay: Do Not Burn🔥This🗞️Newsletter! - Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #18
I am sorry for the delay of publishing this issue. I hope you will not burn this bulletin. I will “forgive” myself for this late issue. Talking about a burning issue, you should check out Dave Rubin‘s book, Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason.

New Media
I look forward to the Outlier Podcast Festival - Virtual Summit, between May 13 - 15. How about you?
Business Philosophy
During the current pandemic, most governments have not performed their proper role. It is proper for governments to warn citizens about impending threats, such a deadly virus, and inform them about ways of protecting themselves (physical distancing, hand washing, isolating, etc.). Governments can properly quarantine contagious individuals who are a threat to others, and ban mass gatherings where there are virus breakouts, to prevent the socialized health care systems from collapsing.
However, whether there is a pandemic or not, it is not proper for governments to decide which businesses are essential and which are not and whether and how they should operate. By doing so, governments are violating the rights of business to liberty and property, with destructive economic consequences.
Good Life
Carl Barney has a positive announcement on his website (“Love of the Good for Being Good”)!
Do you like to take notes during a phone conversation? The other day, I had a great conversation with Carin Hansdotter Bladh.
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Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog

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