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Lucky Number? 🎱 🎲 - Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #13

Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog
Lucky Number? 🎱 🎲 - Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog - Issue #13
Could issue 13 be the lucky number for this publication?

New Media
Talking about being “lucky,” in the next solo episode of EGO NetCast, I will tell you about how my Twitter handle changed “hands”… At the moment, I have pinned this tweet:
Martin Lindeskog🗽🌐💎☕️🍵🙃
I have changed my handle to LyceumPeripatos. @zacharysdavis took over @lyceum. I am now an ambassador for I will publish an episode of @EgoNetCast🎙🎧 re. my relation to the Peripatetic school in Ancient Greece 🇬🇷, Aristotle, etc. #podcasting #education
Business Philosophy
I wonder if Zachary Davis has read Jason Fried’s post, How we acquired Here is an excerpt:
Things were beginning to heat up, but there was no deal yet. I completely understood – he owned this domain for a long time, and he wasn’t a squatter. Dane used for his business. It was part of his identity. It was a valuable asset. He needed time to think it through.
Good Life
In Tim Ferriss’s newsletter (5-Bullet Friday) of March 13, he is asking the following question:
Imagine that you or your family go into self-quarantine for the next 1–3 months. What might you do to make it as enjoyable or as productive a time as possible?
I sent the following tweet:
Martin Lindeskog🗽🌐💎☕️🍵🙃
@tferriss I have submitted the following idea for #coronauniversity: I would practice Zentangling. See my Instagram photo. We recently interviewed Eriko Ågren (Certified Zentangle Teacher) on our podcast, Pen Meets Paper (Penna Möter Papper in Swedish).
What would you do?
Did you enjoy this issue?
Lyceum Bulletin by Martin Lindeskog

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