Stormie! Enjoy but beware 18+!

By B.J Starink.

author of: Unknown Tendencies / Homicidal Tendencies / In Love
And the dutch versions:
Onbekende Neigingen / Moord Neigingen / In Liefde is nog afwachten wat de uitgever ervan vind, dus daar moet ik nog even op wachten voordat ik daarop anticiperen kan..

About the newsletter:
Well, to be short it's a book long description follows:
Stormie is about a cat who can see beyond and communicate with both sides of the veil. So between the living and the deceased. It's a bit of a psychological horror ride that at first doesn't grab you that much but later on, starting in chapter 4 or 5 shit gets real.. And well it contains some very gruesome stuff, that's why I let you guys read it for free!

Who doesn't want to read a free 16+ book one chapter at a time? So no big ass book in front of you just a little read so now and then. Just something to kill time with, and well I can only hope you enjoy it as much reading as I do writing this damn thing!

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