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Weekly newsletter of B.J Starink - Issue #1

Weekly newsletter of B.J Starink - Issue #1
By B.J Starink. • Issue #1 • View online
Starting of next week or the week after I start posting my new book Stormie on my newsletter. Chapter after chapter, untill it’s finished. Why I start next week is because I just started the translation and the Dutch version is not finished yet! So my apologies for grammar mistakes in advance! I hope you guys enjoy the book, and well I’ve got a week per chapter so I think it’s doable.. With this being said I have to point out that is going to be a 16+ book with some curse words and strong language but also some very disturbing shit!
A little bit of info about my book Stormie:
Stormie is about a cat who can see between the veil of the living and the deacesed. And not only that but she can communicate with that side of the veil.
More to be answered after my first chapter is put online, by next week or the week after..
Well that’s all for now take care guy’s signed in pain and bound in misery self published Horror author B.J Starink. Be careful the lurvengrabber is always watching, don’t get grabbed!

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B.J Starink.

author of: Unknown Tendencies / Homicidal Tendencies / In Love
And the dutch versions:
Onbekende Neigingen / Moord Neigingen / In Liefde is nog afwachten wat de uitgever ervan vind, dus daar moet ik nog even op wachten voordat ik daarop anticiperen kan..

About the newsletter:
Well, to be short it's a book long description follows:
Stormie is about a cat who can see beyond and communicate with both sides of the veil. So between the living and the deceased. It's a bit of a psychological horror ride that at first doesn't grab you that much but later on, starting in chapter 4 or 5 shit gets real.. And well it contains some very gruesome stuff, that's why I let you guys read it for free!

Who doesn't want to read a free 16+ book one chapter at a time? So no big ass book in front of you just a little read so now and then. Just something to kill time with, and well I can only hope you enjoy it as much reading as I do writing this damn thing!

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